The Niagara Region

People who live in the Niagara region enjoy a moderate climate zone. Situated between two of the Great Lakes, Erie and Ontario, the temperatures are ideal for agriculture. The area is renowned for its fruit, especially peaches and grapes. Many vintners are located in this area.

The Niagara area is also a popular spot for tourism with the famous Niagara Falls as the major draw. Built on the escarpment’s bedrock, most of the cities and towns draw visitors to the beauty of the area as well as to the wine growers, theatre and other attractions.

Niagara Area Weather

Like most of Canada, spring can be a mixed bag of weather in the Niagara area. Warm days and cool nights can be expected. Normally the summer brings regularly high temperatures and a reasonable amount of rain. The lake breezes can be a relief from the hot and humid weather. The last few summers, however, have not followed normal patterns. The fall is long and pleasant with snow unlikely to fall before the end of October but rain can still be expected. The winter brings cold but clear days with not a lot of snow While there are some lake effect snow storms, the the temperatures do not fall as much as in other areas in Canada.

Homeowners Checklist

Homeowners in Niagara need to take routine maintenance of their basements seriously. With the temperate weather changing the soil conditions rapidly, taking preventative steps to keep water and moisture out of the basement is important. Water seeks the easiest path to travel and it will into any cracks or fissures that have been allowed to form in the masonry of your foundation or in the soil around the base of your home.

Water that sits in the late fall or winter will freeze and expand cracks to compromise the soundness of the foundation walls or floors. Once the water has found its way in, it will continue to do so until you have taken steps to waterproof your basement.

If you have a new home, the ideal time to undertake a basement waterproofing project is when it is being constructed. Having the foundation properly sealed will ensure that water cannot enter the basement. In the situation where you have found signs of water or moisture in the basement, you need to call in experts in waterproofing to conduct a thorough inspection to find the source of the water and repair it before sealing it.

Basement waterproofing projects can be conducted either on the interior of your basement or on the exterior. The most important step is to hire the right company for the job. You want a company that has expert technicians, knows the geography and climate of the area, and has a proven track record and a warranty.

Waterproofing You Can Trust

City Wide Group is a family-owned business, founded in 1961. They have the experience and knowledge to undertake any basement waterproofing or underpinning project in the Niagara area. Once they have inspected your property and given you a complete picture of what needs to be done, they will use their expertise with the latest technologies to give you a dry basement. Their employees are bonded to protect your property.

When you entrust your home to a company to conduct this kind of work, you want to know how other customers feel about their experiences. In addition to the City Wide Group’s long list of customer testimonials on their website, they are also winners of the Consumer Choice Awards for 21 consecutive years. They have an excellent reputation with the Better Business Bureau and high marks from HomeStar.

The most convincing assurance that City Wide Group will do a great job on your home is their promise. They offer a fully transferable lifetime warranty on their work. So, not only can you be assured that your home is dry now, you can also show future buyers that your home is going to stay that way. It can be quite a selling point for your home when the time comes.

Homeowners in the Niagara area can be confident that they are using a reputable company with lots of expertise in waterproofing local homes when they call on City Wide Group. Call for your estimate today.