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Basement Waterproofing


Wet Basement Waterproofing

Residential & Commercial foundations leak for various reasons, such as; a congested weeping tile system, where the weeping tile can longer flow due a blockage of debris, soils or tree roots. Horizontal or vertical cracks in the foundation, or separation of blocks, voids where the foundation and footing meet, allow water to enter into the basement.

Foundation Underpinning


Underpinning increases living space

Underpinning is a two-fold winner. First, it creates added height to your existing foundation, which in turn adds 100% usable living space to your basement. This procedure is usually done with basements that do not have enough headroom to navigate around. Second, underpinning adds positive value to your existing home, also giving your home an added selling feature for re-sale.

Drain Cleaning & Replacement


Drain Cleaning & Replacement

If you hear the ominous glugging sound, smell odor from a toilet or drain or see disposed items returning when you unplug or flush, you likely have a drain blockage somewhere in your wastewater system. Typical drain blockages the City Wide Group sees are caused by flushable paper products like tampons, cat litter, oil and grease and tree roots or combinations.

The City Wide Group Inc.

Waterproofing Toronto Homes for Over 50 Years

Water damage can wreak havoc in any home. Even if you catch it early, it can be quite expensive to repair. Further, the longer water damage goes unaddressed, the greater the damage can be. The soggy, warped and rotting building components left behind once the water has subsided is the perfect breeding ground for mold, which creates a health hazard within the home and requires an entirely different approach. Even if your home is not currently experiencing any signs of water damage from issues related to a leaking or faulty foundation, there are steps you should take to prevent that from happening.

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