Canadian winters can be unpredictable, but you can be sure of one thing – you need to protect your property from the impact that snow and ice can have on your foundation. The pressure from ice building up in the soil around your home’s perimeter can the foundation’s walls to crack. Any water from melt-off can freeze when the temperatures drop again and cause any cracks in the masonry to get larger too. It’s an equation you want to avoid.


What you can do

Make sure you have thoroughly winterized your home. Make sure the eavestroughs and downspouts are clear and that they drain water well away from your home. Soil against your home should be graded away from the walls to allow the slope to naturally drain water away from the basement walls. Check your landscaping at the same time; it can affect the integrity of the masonry too. Also, make sure any catch basins on or against your property are clear and will allow water to drain away.

If you have basement windows, make sure the window wells are clear and that you have repaired the caulking on the frames to keep out any moisture. Do a complete inspection of your basement to check for any signs that you have had water or moisture problems. Use all your senses – some problems may be hidden to your eyes but evident to your nose! Mould and mildew give off a dank, musty smell that is a sign that you have had water sitting around and bacteria has grown.

During the winter
Make sure you keep you paths and driveway space against the house clear of snow. Don’t accidentally cover drains or create conditions that will allow snow to block sewers or drainage systems. Some areas receive a lot of snow, make sure you don’t pile it up against the house either. When the snow melts and then freezes again, you have created that ideal equation for water problems in your basement.

You find water seeping in
Despite your best efforts, your basement walls or floor has cracked and water has seeped in. Now what? You call the experts at City Wide Group to come in and give you an estimate for a basement waterproofing project. They can handle anything that old man winter has sent and will use a jackhammer if they have to dig down through the frost.

City Wide Group has more than 50 years in the basement waterproofing business. Their technicians are well trained on the latest technologies and have all the certifications required to handle your waterproofing project. A family-owned company, they recognize that your home is one of your most important assets and they will make sure your basement is comfortably dry again. There are no short cuts taken and your property will be returned to pre-project condition. Best yet, you will have a fully transferable lifetime warranty on your dry basement. City Wide Group has a long list of satisfied customers and has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award in this industry for 23 consecutive years. Call them today for your free estimate.