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Don’t let your basement leak repair cost get out of control. At City Wide Group, we specialize in basement leak repair, having served clients in Toronto and the GTA for over 60 years. Basement leak repairs are critical to ensuring that water doesn’t seep into the foundation and begin to impact your property on a structural level. At City Wide Group, we’ll identify the issue, provide an accurate and transparent estimate, and get the job done right the first time.

Keep Your Basement Leak Repair Cost Down With Our Proven Approach:

There are many basement leak companies offering leaky basement Toronto repairs – but City Wide Group never settles for being ‘just good enough’. We are constantly striving to be leaders in leaky basement repairs, and over our 6+ decades in business, we’ve developed and honed a process that sets us apart from the competition. Here’s our tried-and-true method when we repair a leaking basement:

  • Assessment: Our experts assess the extent of the basement leaking and identify the root cause, whether it’s a structural issue or external water sources.
  • Tailored Solutions: We provide specific solutions for leaking basement repairs, from a small basement leak repair to more complex challenges on larger commercial properties. We never use a one-size-fits-all solution, instead opting for long-lasting fixes to your problems.
  • Quality Repairs: Using advanced techniques, years of experience on the job, and high-quality materials, we ensure that every basement leak repair is done with precision and care.
  • Long-Term Prevention: We’re here to do more than just fixing basement leaks; we focus on providing solutions that prevent future issues, safeguarding your home against water damage for years to come.

How Basement Leaking Repair Jobs Work

Basement leaks are all too common in many Toronto homes. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Poor drainage
  • Foundation cracks
  • Improper waterproofing

Understanding the source of your basement’s water leaks is crucial for effective repair. Basement leaking repair jobs are best undertaken by experienced professionals who can identify the origin of these leaks and use the appropriate repair methods.

When fixing basement leaks, the first order of business is to identify whether the water is coming from under the basement floor or is seeping through the foundation wall.

Both require leaking basement repair jobs, but depending on the origin of the water, the repair method changes.

Leaky Basement Toronto Repairs: Water Coming from Under the Floor

At City Wide Group, we often encounter basement leaks in Toronto homes where water seeps through floor cracks or around the edges. This usually points to a malfunctioning weeping tile drainage system at the foundation’s base. Sometimes, it could also mean a non-operational sump pump.

For basement water leak repair jobs when the water originates from beneath the floor, we offer both external and internal solutions. Externally, we perform traditional excavation to replace the weeping tiles. Internally, we can install a sub-floor drainage system, akin to a French drain, which doesn’t require outdoor digging. This involves creating a trench around the basement’s perimeter and installing a system that operates similarly to weeping tiles, connected to a sump pump. For the more extensive repairs, our team ensures minimal disruption while delivering effective results.

How to Fix a Leaky Basement: Water Coming through Foundation Walls

Leaking basement walls means that water is seeping through the concrete foundation walls. City Wide Group is experienced in addressing both interior and exterior basement issues to ensure that water can no longer leak through. Our approach to leaking basement repairs includes sealing individual cracks and leaks through injection repairs and/or external patching.

If the condition of the concrete foundation has deteriorated due to age or the extent of the leaks is extensive, we can perform full-perimeter waterproofing. We’ll apply a waterproof membrane and a drainage system on your property, which can be done from either the outside or the inside, depending on the layout of your property and where the leaks are.

Our goal with each leaky basement fix in Toronto is to provide maximum waterproofing protection, ensuring a dry and secure basement for years – decades – to come.

Need Leaky Basement Repair Toronto? Call the Experts You Can Trust at City Wide Group

City Wide Group provides leaky basement repair in Toronto that not only works – but lasts. Better yet? Your basement leak repair Toronto job will be done on time, on budget, and at an affordable price. We use our extensive experience to keep your basement leak repair cost as low as possible.

Whether you need a basement leak repair or Foundation repair Toronto job done, we’ll make sure your property is freed from any leaks and won’t face any future leaks for years or even decades. Our waterproofing company combines clear and accurate estimates with excellent customer service and unrivalled work to ensure that your home or business safe from liquid damage.

Improve the longevity and stability of your home or building with solutions that have been proven to work. Contact us today for a free estimate and start protecting your property today!

Basement Leak Repair Toronto FAQ

The cost of leaky basement repair Toronto varies based on the extent of the damage and the repair methods. At City Wide Group, we provide transparent estimates for all leaky basement repair costs in Toronto, ensuring that our clients receive the best solutions at a fair price. Whether it’s a small basement leak repair or a more comprehensive fix, we are one of the leading basement leak companies in Toronto, committed to delivering top-quality fixes every single time.

Basement leaks can occur due to various reasons such as:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Poor drainage
  • Clogged weeping tiles
  • Faulty sump pumps

City Wide Group specializes in diagnosing and fixing any and all of the issues that your basement is experiencing.

Signs include: 

  • Water stains
  • Mold growth
  • Dampness
  • Actual water pooling

If you notice any of these signs, contact a basement leak repair company like City Wide Group.

Solutions range from internal sub-floor drainage systems to external excavation and weeping tile replacement. The method depends on the leak’s source and severity.
If you don’t address a leaking basement in Toronto, the water can begin to erode the foundation of your property and require further, more expensive repairs, or even cause the property to become unstable and dangerous. This puts any occupants at risk and will also lower the resale value of your property. It’s critical that, once you identify any issues with your basement, you call up basement leaking repairs professionals.
Absolutely. City Wide Group can help you with both small and large leaky basement repairs in Toronto.
While very minor fixes can be done on your own, professional assessment and repair are recommended for long-lasting solutions. City Wide Group offers expert services for leaking basement repairs in Toronto for both commercial and residential properties.
The duration depends on the issue’s complexity. Our team aims to be as efficient as possible providing effective basement leaking repairs with minimal disruption.
Regular maintenance, proper drainage, and addressing any signs of moisture early on are key. City Wide Group can advise on preventive measures for basement water leaks repair.
As a leading leaky basement repair company in Toronto, City Wide Group offers expertise, customized solutions, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Contact us directly by phone at 416-283-5500 to schedule a thorough basement inspection, or fill out our online form for a free estimate. Our team reach out shortly.

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The City Wide Group prides itself on superior quality, adhering to the philosophy of doing things correctly from the outset and striving for unmatched customer contentment. Our assurance in our craftsmanship and wealth of experience makes us the only company in Toronto & the GTA to offer a real LIFETIME WARRANTY. Opt for The City Wide Group for foundation waterproofing, and we promise your treated area will remain free from water or moisture entry for as long as your house stands. Our services come with a warranty certificate that is transferable to endless future homeowners.

  • Before any digging gets underway, The City Wide Group ensures all utility services are informed and the dig site is clearly marked.

  • We first reveal the foundation’s walls and base, giving them a good clean to guarantee that the new concrete will bond well.

  • To deal with any cracks or openings in the foundation, we fill them with a specific type of cement before applying a fresh concrete layer over the entire area.

  • We then secure the foundation with a RUBBER BITUTHANE MEMBRANE for waterproofing, covering both the wall and its base.

  • Additionally, we attach a DELTA MS plastic mat along the foundation wall down to the base, aiding in water drainage.

  • New weeping tiles are installed to divert water from the foundation, surrounded by clean ¾” gravel to ensure proper drainage.

  • The dug-out soil is then replaced and compacted firmly to avoid any future ground movement.

  • After the work is finished, we thoroughly clean the site of any construction debris.

  • To wrap up, we repair and reinstate any outdoor spaces and landscaping that were affected by our work.




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