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    • Before excavation, The City Wide Group contacts all utilities and a stakeout is commenced.
    • Once the foundation walls and footing are exposed, the wall is washed down to allow a proper bond for the concrete parge.
    • All cracks and voids in the foundation are compacted with hydraulic cement and the entire wall surface is given a layer of concrete parking.
    • A RUBBER BITUTHANE MEMBRANE is applied to the foundation wall and over the footing.
    • A DELTA MS, plastic drainage mat is applied to the foundation wall down to the footing level.
    • New weeping tile is installed and connected to the appropriate drainage point and surrounded in clean ¾” gravel.
    • All soil is backfilled and compacted to prevent future settlement.
    • All debris is removed from the site.
    • Any finished surface material and landscaping is re-installed.
    • Waterproofing your home becomes necessary when the foundation begins to leak or let moisture through.

Basement foundations leak for various reasons: a congested weeping tile system, where the water can no longer flow due to a blockage of debris, soils or tree roots, horizontal or vertical cracks in the foundation or by separation of blocks, voids where the foundation and footing meet, improper original waterproofing installation. Any or all allow water to enter into the basement.

Why Invest In Basement Waterproofing?
The only way to ensure that a home with a basement remains free of any damage from a leaky foundation, drain or pipe problem is with basement waterproofing. Foundations should be waterproofed when they are laid down and basement waterproofing should go along with that. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous contractors may have skipped out on this step to cut corners and save money. Further, the foundations of many older constructions may never have been waterproofed to begin with. Any homeowner who has a basement should invest in basement waterproofing – not only to protect their investment but to save themselves the expense of costly repairs down the road.

Improve The Value Of Your Home With Wet Basement Repair
Wet basement repair from a leaking pipe, drain or foundation would only be putting a band-aid on the problem. Unless the source of the leak is found and addressed, you will never be completely free of water damage in your home. Because wet basement repair is so expensive, you could spend several small fortunes on having these repairs done again and again. This is why it is important to hire an experienced waterproofing company to perform the wet basement repair as well as to fix the cause of the damage. If the underlying problem isn’t fixed, you’re going to be paying for these costly repairs regularly for as long as you own the home.

Choose Toronto Basement Waterproofing Specialists
The Citywide Group has been providing basement waterproofing for more than fifty years. We are one of the longest-continuously operating Toronto basement waterproofing companies in the area and the only one that offers a completely transferable lifetime guarantee on our work. The reason we can provide such a promise on our craftsmanship is that we hold ourselves to the highest of standards and are confident in our ability to deliver what we promise. We are a family-owned and operated team of Toronto basement waterproofing specialists and have been providing our customers with exceptional customer service since 1961, by which we’ve earned the Consumer’s Choice Award for 21 consecutive years.


Whether you have an actual water leak or evidence of water seeping through the walls, contact City Wide Group for a free estimate about how to waterproofing your basement.

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