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Need basement underpinning Toronto services? The City Wide Group is your first choice in the Greater Toronto Area. We have been in business since 1961, building a reputation in this community for timely, quality work always done right the first time.

How Basement Underpinning Toronto Works

Underpinning is a two-fold winner. First, it creates added height to your existing foundation, which in turn adds 100% usable living space to your basement. Second, underpinning adds positive value to your existing home, also giving your home an added selling feature for re-sale.

Benefits of Underpinning

Toronto homes grappling with basement leaks due to foundational issues can find a solid solution in underpinning. This method not only resolves existing leak problems but also averts future ones by fortifying and stabilizing the foundation. See here for your basement underpinning Toronto needs.

It is either necessary to stabilize structural problems that have developed or it is desirable to meet a whole wish list of living space and economic requirements. Let’s consider these situations individually.

When You Need Basement Underpinning

Foundation wall underpinning becomes a necessity when the existing foundation is shifting so dramatically and substantially that it is unable to safely support the house above it. In some cases, the original supporting construction was inadequate for the area climate, soil conditions or types. All or part of the original foundation rested on marginal land with a bearing capacity insufficient to hold up the building. In other cases, interference with the structural integrity of the foundation by unknowledgeable tradesmen, amateurs or do-it-yourselfers created the damage.

Early warning signs include changes in the shape of walls, sinking, bulging or sagging, structural cracks, and discrepancies in the alignment of windows and doors. In all instances of underpinning necessity, professional assessment and design are required and the work must be done promptly before further damage or loss of investment can occur. Underpinning the foundation walls in all these cases stabilizes the home and gives increased strength to the building. Your home equity is thereby increased.

Specialized Underpinning for Toronto’s Older Homes

Toronto’s older homes, with their distinct appeal and specific needs, often require underpinning to preserve structural integrity and meet modern living standards. This process, crucial for stabilizing basement walls and adhering to contemporary building regulations, involves pouring concrete to reinforce the foundation. It opens up possibilities for expanding living space without increasing the footprint, all under the watchful eye of structural engineers.

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Elevating Basement Functionality and Compliance

Transforming a basement into a functional living area demands more than just aesthetic upgrades; it must meet Toronto’s building codes, including proper ceiling height and effective drainage. Underpinning contractors are key in ensuring these standards are met, guaranteeing a level, strong foundation and preventing future water issues.

Your Trusted Underpinning Contractors

At City Wide Group, we harness cutting-edge technology and lean on our vast experience to provide unparalleled underpinning services. Our dedication to excellence is evident in every project, ensuring your home’s foundations are not just repaired but enhanced.

With a focus on concrete work that expands living space, strengthens concrete floors, and transforms basements into livable spaces, our team of skilled underpinning contractors and structural engineers tailor the underpinning process to meet the unique needs of your property.

Whether it’s creating a finished basement, expanding square footage, fixing a leak in a basement wall, or ensuring the integrity of your crawl space, our comprehensive approach addresses every aspect of foundation repair. Unique to City Wide Group, our services come with a lifetime warranty, affirming our commitment to quality and your peace of mind. Trust us to increase the usable space in your home, making every square foot count.

Basement Underpinning Toronto FAQ

Will underpinning fix my wet basement issues?2024-04-09T16:16:00-04:00

Underpinning can address some causes of basement moisture by stabilizing the structure and potentially facilitating the installation of systems like sump pumps. However, specific waterproofing measures might also be required to fully resolve wet basement issues.

Is it possible to live in my home during the underpinning process?2024-04-09T16:15:38-04:00

In many cases, yes. The disruption depends on the underpinning project’s scope. While some noise and vibration are to be expected, contractors strive to minimize disruption, ensuring you can remain in your home safely during most of the work.

What does the underpinning process involve?2024-04-09T16:15:13-04:00

Absolutely. Besides stabilizing your foundation, underpinning can increase the usable square footage of your home, potentially adding a livable space or a crawl space. This not only enhances the structural integrity of your property but can also significantly boost its market value.

Can underpinning increase the value of my home?2024-04-09T16:14:31-04:00

Absolutely. Besides stabilizing your foundation, underpinning can increase the usable square footage of your home, potentially adding a livable space or a crawl space. This not only enhances the structural integrity of your property but can also significantly boost its market value.

How do underpinning contractors determine the best approach for my home?2024-04-09T16:14:11-04:00

Underpinning contractors, with a structural engineer, assess your home to decide the best underpinning process. This depends on the type of soil, the existing foundation condition, and your goals—be it more living space or reinforced concrete floors.

What is underpinning, and why might I need it?2024-04-09T16:13:44-04:00

Underpinning is a process used by foundation repair specialists to strengthen and stabilize a home’s foundations. This may be necessary to support additional weight from an addition, correct issues caused by soil instability, or add livable space such as a finished basement.

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The City Wide Group prides itself on superior quality, adhering to the philosophy of doing things correctly from the outset and striving for unmatched customer contentment. Our assurance in our craftsmanship and wealth of experience makes us the only company in Toronto & the GTA to offer a real LIFETIME WARRANTY. Opt for The City Wide Group for foundation waterproofing, and we promise your treated area will remain free from water or moisture entry for as long as your house stands. Our services come with a warranty certificate that is transferable to endless future homeowners.

  • Before any digging gets underway, The City Wide Group ensures all utility services are informed and the dig site is clearly marked.

  • We first reveal the foundation’s walls and base, giving them a good clean to guarantee that the new concrete will bond well.

  • To deal with any cracks or openings in the foundation, we fill them with a specific type of cement before applying a fresh concrete layer over the entire area.

  • We then secure the foundation with a RUBBER BITUTHANE MEMBRANE for waterproofing, covering both the wall and its base.

  • Additionally, we attach a DELTA MS plastic mat along the foundation wall down to the base, aiding in water drainage.

  • New weeping tiles are installed to divert water from the foundation, surrounded by clean ¾” gravel to ensure proper drainage.

  • The dug-out soil is then replaced and compacted firmly to avoid any future ground movement.

  • After the work is finished, we thoroughly clean the site of any construction debris.

  • To wrap up, we repair and reinstate any outdoor spaces and landscaping that were affected by our work.


Whether you have an actual water leak or evidence of water seeping through the walls, contact City Wide Group for a free estimate about how to waterproofing your basement.

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