Clearing up Drains

Many property owners often take their basic home infrastructure for granted. There is nothing sexy about things like drains or pipes! However, they are just the sort of components that can cause major problems in a home when they stop doing what they are intended to do — keeping your home running well.

The main purpose of a home drainage system is to draw unwanted water and liquid waste away. Pipes in sinks, basins, tubs, and toilets all take the water and direct it into the sewer system. They run throughout a home connecting various bathrooms, the kitchen, laundry facilities, and outdoor taps. Often out of sight, they are the backbone of a home.

Drainage systems, depending on the age of the home, can be made up of a number of materials including copper, iron, lead or clay. The grey water or waste flows through the system into a septic or public sewer. There are also drains in basements to provide for any excess rainwater to be re-directed through weeping tiles into the soil around the home as well.

Potential Problems

It’s easy to recognize a problem with your drainage system. You are likely to hear or smell it before you see it — a gurgling sound or unpleasant odour are often indications that there is a blockage somewhere in the system. You might also see that waste is not flushing away or is actually backing up through the drain. Sometimes everything seems to be running slow — another indicator of a problem. Often a simple cleaning is in order but if it persists, you need to have professional help.

Talk to your neighbours to see if they are having similar issues. It might be a problem in the civic system. If there has been flooding or excessive rain, the sewer system may be over taxed and unable to take in any more water or waste. If you suspect, however, the problem is isolated to your own home you should call in a company such as City Wide Group to identify the problem and recommend the solution. You may need to have blockages cleared or old rusty pipes replaced.

There are a myriad of sources of blocked pipes including grease, food scraps, cosmetic products, hair, soaps, paper products and feminine hygiene products. Over time they accumulate and can cause drains to run slowly and without proper maintenance, can eventually so coat the pipes. Winter freezing weather conditions can also make these conditions worse. Problems may also be caused from outside the home by landscaping or large trees blocking or breaking the pipes.

Fixing Problems

You need to have the source of the problem identified and modern diagnostic tools now include inserting small video cameras directly into the drainage system to be able to pinpoint the problem. The images can help determine if a single problem or multiple issues are at fault. Being able to see exactly where the blockage or break is located enables the right measures to repair it.

There are a variety of tools that can be used to clear your drainage system including electric rooter, snaking or augering. None of these are tasks that should be taken on by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. You can cause greater problems doing it yourself than getting a professional company in to do the work.

Hydro-Jet Technology

City Wide Group has been using hydro-jetting to clear waste deposits along pipes not only when there is a problem with a drainage system but as part of regular home maintenance. Having your drainage system flushed out can help avoid problems in the long term.

Drainage System replacement

So, what happens if you have to replace the pipes or home drainage system? The goal is to have clean water and all waste drawn away from your home. If clearing the pipes alone is not sufficient and evidence has been found that there are breaks or major blockages, you may need to have them replaced. City Wide Group has experience with no dig technologies as well as precise excavation. Their goal is to identify the problems, ensure your pipes run clear or are replaced with the least amount of mess or disruption.