Sump Pumps
Sump pumps are used to pull water out of a sump pit into a sewer, drainage ditch or well. Many homes have sump pits below the foundation and in some places, the Ontario Building Code requires that a sump pit with an automatic pump be installed. A sump pit and pump as part of a basement waterproofing plan can protect a home from being inundated when there is a big storm or spring melt-off.
The sump pump has a float that is activated when the water in the sump pit reaches a maximum level. The lever operates the pump to remove the water into whatever drainage system it is connected to. Most pumps run on electricity with a battery backup — critical at times of power failure caused by extreme weather.

The average life span for a sump pump is 10 years so it is good practice to test the system regularly to ensure that everything is in good working order. Maintenance should include checking the switches and level of the floater, clearing away any debris that has been collected, and making sure your battery backup is in working order. If you don’t have a battery backup, you should get one installed. City Wide Group has well-trained technicians who can either service your existing pump or install a new system. They can do this as part of a complete basement waterproofing project or separately. City Wide Group takes pride in using only the best products and technologies. When they become aware of new items that can serve their clients, they fully investigate and if they choose to use that equipment or methodology, they make sure their staff are properly trained to use it.



Liberty Pumps

Recently, City Wide Group chose Liberty Pumps from Rochester, New York to be their sump pump supplier. Liberty has more than 50 years of customer-focused innovation in the manufacture of pumps and other solution-based items. Their goal is to anticipate the needs of their clients while evolving to adapt to new engineering technologies. City Wide Group recognized that this family and employ-owned company manufactured the superior quality pumps they wanted to use with their own customers. “Our clients deserve the best.”
The City Wide Group sent down a team of technicians to tour the Liberty Pumps facility and be trained on the selection and installation of the right pump to the right situation. They can install the full line-up of pumps right for your home including those that are fitted with battery backup to work when there is a power outage. Sump pumps are part of a full protection plan to keep your basement waterproofed. If you discover a water problem in your basement, you should call on the company with more than five decades in the basement waterproofing industry — City Wide Group. Their technician will help identify the problem in your foundation, recommend the solution, and provide you with a full estimate for the project. There are two major methodologies for basement waterproofing — interior and exterior.

Basement Waterproofing
The interior method involves repairing any cracks, digging a trench on the inside perimeter of your foundation, installing a weeping tile drainage system and connecting it to a floor drain or sump pump, and lining the walls and flooring with rubber membrane. The flooring is then returned to level.

The exterior method involves repairing any faults in the foundation, digging a trench on the outside perimeter of your foundation down to the footings, replacing or installing weeping tiles to drain away from the property, lining the outside walls of your foundation with rubber membrane and returning the soil or other landscaping features to their pre-dig condition. A sump pump may also be recommended as part of either project.

The City Wide Group, like Liberty Pumps, is a family-owned business with more than 50 years in the industry. They are driven by a desire to serve their clients with superior products and methodologies. City Wide Group knows how to waterproof your foundation and understands the environmental conditions in your area and how to handle them to keep your home’s basement comfortably dry. They are so confident of their expertise they offer something that is rare in the business — a fully transferable lifetime warranty. You can be sure your basement will stay dry now and in the future. When you sell your home, you can assure the new owners that it will stay dry for them too! City Wide Group has received the Consumer Choice Award for 23 consecutive years. Call them today to discuss your basement waterproofing project or to have a Liberty Pumps sump pump installed in your basement.