Air barriers control air leakage in and out of the building enclosures. Naturaseal’s Air Barrier NS-A250 is a highly versatile elastomeric coating that is cold-applied using a spray system and separated into assemblies, systems, materials, components, and accessories.

Air barriers control air leakage in and out of the building enclosures. Naturaseal’s Air Barrier NS-A250 is a highly versatile elastomeric coating that is cold-applied using a spray system, and separated into assemblies, systems, materials, components, and accessories.

Today the building science community and industry professionals understand the cause and effect of proper building enclosure performance on the longevity of the building, tenant and owner comfort, energy consumption, internal air quality, and both initial construction budget and operating costs.

Two approaches for building envelope enclosure are commonly utilized in today’s construction industry – vapour open and vapour closed assemblies, utilizing sheet membrane or liquid applied materials. Industry consultants and building professionals are increasingly using a holistic enclosure approach to address a common technical challenge, which is compatibility of materials and assemblies.

Naturaseal offers both high and low permeability air-barrier solutions. The Air Barrier NS-A250-HP is a high permeability formulation designed for wooden structures, foam, insulation and fibre board. It is often seen in residential homes and townhomes. The Air Barrier NS-A250-LP is a low permeability formulation designed for commercial application in wood, insulation, foam, and particularly in concrete walls, and cedar blocks.

Air Barrier NS-A250 is an elastomeric coating for industrial, commercial and residential air barrier applications. Air Barrier NS-A250 is water-proof, weather and vapour-resistant, UV-stable, eco-friendly, and safe to use. With its unsurpassed ability to expand and contract, it can easily withstand all weather conditions. Both the Air Barrier NS-A250-HP and Air Barrier NS-A250-LP act as a rain screen, with a seamless and monolithic membrane.

The application utilizes cold liquid, adhesion and instant cure technology, with an easy ability to bridge building settlement conditions as there are no seams of laps conditions. During sequencing or construction delays, this air barrier can be exposed for a long period of time.


  • Air Barrier coating can be used on almost any material, including wood, insulation, foam, and fibre board, and more.
  • This durable product can withstand temperature changes and surface shifts without becoming cracked or strained
  • This product self-heals if it is punctured
  • Residential and Commercial applications.
  • Environmentally friendly, and free of toxins and OCs.

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The City Wide Group prides itself on superior quality, adhering to the philosophy of doing things correctly from the outset and striving for unmatched customer contentment. Our assurance in our craftsmanship and wealth of experience makes us the only company in Toronto & the GTA to offer a real LIFETIME WARRANTY. Opt for The City Wide Group for foundation waterproofing, and we promise your treated area will remain free from water or moisture entry for as long as your house stands. Our services come with a warranty certificate that is transferable to endless future homeowners.

  • Before any digging gets underway, The City Wide Group ensures all utility services are informed and the dig site is clearly marked.

  • We first reveal the foundation’s walls and base, giving them a good clean to guarantee that the new concrete will bond well.

  • To deal with any cracks or openings in the foundation, we fill them with a specific type of cement before applying a fresh concrete layer over the entire area.

  • We then secure the foundation with a RUBBER BITUTHANE MEMBRANE for waterproofing, covering both the wall and its base.

  • Additionally, we attach a DELTA MS plastic mat along the foundation wall down to the base, aiding in water drainage.

  • New weeping tiles are installed to divert water from the foundation, surrounded by clean ¾” gravel to ensure proper drainage.

  • The dug-out soil is then replaced and compacted firmly to avoid any future ground movement.

  • After the work is finished, we thoroughly clean the site of any construction debris.

  • To wrap up, we repair and reinstate any outdoor spaces and landscaping that were affected by our work.




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