Your basement can be more than just the foundation of your home. It can also provide you with more space for your family to enjoy. If you want to improve the structural integrity of your house or to make the basement more useable, you might consider underpinning or lowering your basement. Underpinning is conducted primarily to strengthen the structure while lowering the basement increases ceiling room and creating more useable space. You need to contract basement underpinning professionals with a demonstrable record to undertake your project.

There are obvious benefits:

Improved Structural integrity – Your home’s foundation may have been improperly constructed or been damaged by repairs, extreme climate changes, or have simply wear and tear of age. Underpinning your basement will provide you with structural soundness and the assurance that your family and your possessions will be protected.

Enhanced ceiling height and lighting – Underpinning your basement results in more head-room in your basement making it a better living space for your family. You could create additional rooms to add a home office, theatre, exercise room or a bedroom. You can add new and larger windows and doors which improved the natural light or you can add better lighting fixtures into the ceiling.

Updating plumbing, electrical fixtures and insulation – By underpinning your basement you will gain access to all the mechanics of your home and be able to inspect and determine if you need to update or improve outdated plumbing, wiring, and insulation.

Increased value to your property – When you list your home to sell, a finished and underpinned basement adds positive value to your home. Home buyers want to be assured that the property they are considering has structural integrity and the potential for renovating the basement is improved by a pre-underpinned foundation.

Bottom line – Underpinning your basement is a less expensive and less disruptive way to increase your living space.An addition to your home could be quite expensive either by increasing the footprint of your house or adding a level. The cost of underpinning your basement to improve its structural integrity is a great deal less than the cost of extensive repairs in the future.