Buying your first home is a milestone, but it can come with unexpected challenges. One of the most common problems that many homeowners will deal with at some point is mould. If you have black and white mould in your basement, you and your family may be at risk for serious health problems. At City Wide Group, we care not only about your home but also your health, so follow these tips below to spot and treat the issue.

How to Avoid Mould in your Basement

The most common cause of mould is moisture. Moisture can arise either from a leaky basement or improper ventilation. Mould grows in areas with elevated humidity. A humid basement is likely to be a hot spot for mould growth if it is not regularly monitored for irregularities.

A solution to reduce humidity in your basement is to set up a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will help to keep your basement to dry. If a dehumidifier is not an option, then you should open basement windows so moisture or steam from your shower has a means of escaping.

To improve ventilation in your basement, regularly change the filter in your heating and air conditioning vents. An old filter can cause blockage and allow moisture to build up. Another solution is to avoid placing furniture such as dressers and refrigerators in tight spots and corners. That’s because airflow is blocked in these tight spaces, which can lead to mould. Closets are another area prone to mould growth and should be checked regularly seeing as they are often cramped and full of clothes, boxes or other bulky household objects, which means the mould could persist for weeks or even months.

Tips for Cleaning Mould

  1. When cleaning, use a wet cloth to lightly wet the mould. This will help to lessen the amount of airborne spores.
  2. Use a non-ammonia soap to scrub hard surfaces with mould. Non-toxic organic soap is best for the environment.
  3. Mould cannot be cleaned off of a porous surface. Things like mouldy carpeting, drywall, wallpaper, fabric, or other porous surfaces must be completely removed and replaced from your home or office rather than simply cleaned.
  4. Mould on structural supports of your home or office building may not be cleaned out by scrubbing alone. It may have to be sanded.