A smart move for homeowners is to waterproof your foundation. Whether you have that done when the home is being built or to an existing home, waterproofing your basement will keep your property on a sound footing and avoid damage to your belongings. Many people use the basement of their home to store treasured items such as photos and other important documents.

Your basement also holds all the key elements in keeping your family comfortable – heating and cooling, plumbing, and telecommunications infrastructure are often located in the basement. Many homes also have laundry facilities in the lower level. The basement can also be used as added bedrooms, entertaining, office space or as rental space. No matter how you use your basement it’s important to keep it dry.

If you have ever gone downstairs and noticed a dank, musty smell, it is an indication that there has been some sort of moisture build up in the basement. If the conditions are allowed to continue, bacteria and spores that are the basis for mould or mildew can grow. Mould, in particular, can be dangerous for anyone in your family who already has a respiratory ailment such as asthma.

In addition to damaging your furniture, flooring, and wall coverings, water and moisture can create problems for the masonry on your home’s foundation. Cracks can appear in the walls and floor which increase the possibilities for more water to get in.

While there are different options available to waterproof your basement, the exterior method is highly recommended to prevent water entering at the foundation of your home. By clearing away the earth around the foundation walls you are able to see if there is any damage to be repaired and you can also take the opportunity to have a new weeping bed installed to increase the amount of water drainage away from the footings of your home.

Professional basement waterproofing technicians will make sure that the area is properly excavated, repaired, covered with a sealing membrane, the weeping bed replaced and gravel added, and then the soil returned to the area. They will leave your property clean and tidy as well.

Real Estate agents will advise you to fix any water or moisture problems in your home before putting it on the market. Getting your home’s foundation waterproofed can save you thousands of dollars and avoid the expense of replacing all your furniture and finishings. It just makes sense.


Exterior Waterproofing Procedures:

  • The soil around the complete foundation is excavated from anywhere between five and eight feet deep and approximately two and half feet wide. Should the elevation of your property require it, additional steps are taken.
  • Once the soil is removed, there is a shoring installed to protect the workers and prevent any cave-in of the soil remaining around the house.
  • The old weeping tiles are removed.
  • New continuous four-inch weeping tiles are installed along with a filter cloth and additional gravel.
  • The walls of the foundation are carefully inspected and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Any voids, cracks or other defects are repaired using an expandable hydraulic cement.
  • If required, the area will be parged with cement especially if the surface of the foundation is too uneven or rough for a membrane to simply be installed.
  • The outer wall is primed as an activator for the membrane to be applied. A rubber bithuane produce comes in three-foot sheets and applied with a minimum overlap of six-inches. Bithuane will not become brittle and has enough flexibility to allow for temperature changes.
  • After the sealing layer, a dimpled sheet of drainage membrane (Delta MS) is affixed to the top level with a termination bar to create a space between the rubber membrane and the backfilled soil.
  • If there are foundation windows that are below the surface, a window well will be created using pressure-treated wood or a pre-cast stainless steel. A four-inch vertical drain and additional clear gravel will allow any water that falls into the well to drain into the weeping tiles.
  • Once the exterior waterproofing is complete, the area in backfilled with soil and compacted in 12-inch lifts to the ground level and graded away from the foundation walls to encourage the water to pour away from the house.
  • At the end of the project, along with your receipt, you will receive a fully transferable Life Time Warranty. City Wide Group stands behind its work.