Wet Basement Might be Caused by your Neighbour’s Yard

Yard between two homes

Now with summer right around the corner, Toronto is feeling much warmer and not just weather wise. The hotter temperatures give rise to backyard parties and a great opportunity to get to know your neighbours. If you haven’t done so yet, inviting your neighbors over for a backyard bbq or patio party is a great way to instill a sense of community and comradely amongst neighbouring families. You may also have concerns about water runoff from your neighbor’s property onto yours, and confronting your neighbour in a friendly manner is the best way to achieve the best outcomes. Heavy summer rains can cause flooded yards for both you and your neighbour, but did you know that certain issues with your neighbour’s yard can cause your basement or crawlspace to flood? If you have concerns about a wet basement and can’t seem to pinpoint the source of the water, it’s time to consider looking outside your property.

Landscaped yard beside house Photo courtesy of Guidingstar.ca

Changes to landscaping involving stone work, retaining walls or leveling can occasionally change the grade of the property and sometimes these modifications result in sloping toward your home. The removal of a tree with a large root system or addition of shrubs and trees can also alter the way the water drainage runs off. Even in instances where no overt changes have been made, gradual erosion caused by years of heavy rains can impact the course of water runoff. In any event, anytime the grading of your property lies below your neighbour’s property, the potential of water build-up against your home’s foundation exists, which poses a threat of a wet basement.

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In the case of sprinkler systems or misaligned downspouts on your neighbour’s property, you may also find excess water pooling in your yard placing you at risk of a wet basement. If you notice that your neighbour’s sprinkler system is running overtime, be sure to let them know. It’s their responsibility to ensure that their sprinkler system isn’t flooding neighboring yards. With respect to downspouts directed toward your property, your neighbour should be made aware so that they can have them redirected away from your lot.

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If your lot is lower than your neighbouring lots then you will more than likely experience flooding as a result of heavy or excessive rainwater. This type of flooding is not the result of neighbour carelessness and if your house sits at a lower grade than your neighbors, then it’s critical to protect your home from a wet basement by properly ensuring your home is sufficiently waterproofed. Waterproofing your basement along with diverting the water runoff will be your best protection against experiencing a wet basement. Don’t wait until heavy rains cause a flooded basement, if you know that your home sits on lower ground, be prepared and enlist [basement waterproofing professionals](https://www.citywidegroup.com/) to help get the job done right the first time.


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