As Christmas approaches, there will be many families across the GTA stressed out by how they will accommodate so many people in their home. Space is tight, and as much as we adore our loved ones, they can often bring us to our wit’s end. Frankly, none of us want to experience a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Part of holiday cheer is ensuring everyone still has their own personal space. One way for homeowners to solve an overcrowded Christmas party is to use their basement. Whether it’s for storage, additional sleeping quarters, or a kids play area, your basement can go a long way to making Christmas a joy for everyone!

1. Makeshift Guest Room to Your Basement

Relatives or other loved ones will inevitably need a place to stay and although a basement is not ideal, it’ll have to do. First, it’s important they have a couch or mattress to sleep on (obviously). Ensure that toiletries are well stocked so that they do not have to ask. Also, plan ahead so you limit traffic to the basement once everyone is asleep. Move needed supplies upstairs and do your laundry before your guests arrive.

2. Kids Play Space in Basement

Children often get restless during long family dinners, that’s why it’s important that you have a safe space for them to play. The basement is also a great way to create separation from the adults partying upstairs. Depending on the children’s age, make sure to have appropriate toys and other means for them to be entertained. To ensure it’s safe, remove all glass ornaments and objects that can easily break.

3. Adult Party Space in Basement

Sometimes adults need a space to be loud and boisterous too. Bringing the Christmas party to the basement so that you may be louder without disturbing the neighbours is perfect for when you want to sing your heart out on the karaoke machine!

4. Transform Your Basement into a Sportscentre

This Christmas, there are two NFL games one, while the NBA will have air five back-to-back games. Turn your basement into a man cave and make this one memorable Christmas for the guys. By moving the game to the basement, you allow viewers to cheer without disrupting others.

5. Use Your Basement as a Storage Area

During the holidays, you can really leverage this space to make parties and functions run with ease. Store unneeded chairs, extra chafing dishes, and whatever is not being used so that you can maximize the space upstairs.

Christmas is a magical time of year to spend with friends and family. Part of what makes a great experience is having enough space for everyone to enjoy. Using all the space in your home will be sure to make this a memorable holiday for you and all your loved ones.

Safety tips:

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Horror stories of carbon monoxide poisoning appear on the news far too often, seeing as they can be prevented by detectors. If your basement has a dryer, fireplace, water heater, or furnace you have an increased risk of carbon monoxide build-up. Do not take any chances, install detectors in your basement.

Flood Prevention

Many believe their home is only prone to flooding in the spring, but the truth is your home is just as vulnerable in the winter. As snow builds up around your home and begins to melt, your basement and foundation are at high risk of flood damage. These damages will not only be costly to repair but can disrupt Christmas festivities in your home. From the smell of mould to structural damage, you cannot have an emergency of this scale while you are entertaining. To be proactive, consider waterproofing your basement before this holiday season, to ensure that your Christmas party is dry everywhere but the bar.

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