Waterproofing Vaughan | Underpinning Vaughan


Vaughan, just North of Toronto, is made up of a number of communities has grown significantly since the earliest founders who chose the area for its access to water, plateaus for growing crops and nearby forests.  The climate in the area is designated Continental which indicates a significant variation in temperatures in winter and summer. During the summer there can be large thunderstorms which result in excess water but generally precipitation tends to be moderate.

Homeowners who live in the Vaughan region know to protect their homes from any sudden increase in rainwater — they need to take steps to waterproof their basements.  Making sure their property is prepared to handle excess rain or spring melt off is an important part of their maintenance plan.  Checking that their foundation is sound and has no cracks or other evidence of excess moisture damage is key.

The City Wide Group, a professional basement waterproofing company can ensure your property is protected. Their technicians will inspect your property and the foundation carefully for any signs that water has been getting into your basement. They will provide you with an estimate for undertaking a waterproofing project and when they are finished, you’ll have a dry basement — guaranteed through a fully transferable lifetime warranty. Check out their 23 consecutive Consumer Choice Awards for further proof of their high level of customer satisfaction.

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