Basement Waterproofing in Toronto and GTA

You love your home, but the threat of a flood is real. That’s why you need a basement waterproofing solution that will stand the test of time so your home and family are happy, healthy and safe. City Wide Group has the knowledge and expertise to deliver unparalleled excellence in waterproofing. We have been helping families in the GTA since 1961 to protect their homes against floods caused by severe weather.

Once thing is for certain: Waterproofing is not a do-it-yourself job. City Wide Group professionals guarantee the highest standard of design, construction and the finest materials to preserve your basement and home’s foundation.

How We Approach Basement Waterproofing

Call City Wide Group at 416.283.5500 for your free estimate and we’ll determine the source of the leak and design the best basement waterproofing solution custom to your home. All of our basement waterproofing solutions come with a fully transferrable, lifetime guarantee. Below is an overview of our approach to installing your custom basement waterproofing solution:

  • Prior to excavation, all utility providers are contacted by us and a stake out is done
  • Once the foundation walls and footing is exposed, the wall is washed down to allow a proper bond for the concrete parge
  • All cracks and voids in the foundation are compacted with hydraulic cement then the entire surface of the wall is given a layer of concrete parging
  • A rubber Bituthene membrane is applied to the foundation wall covering down and over the footing
  • A Delta MS plastic drainage mat is applied to the foundation wall and down to the footing level
  • New weeping tile is installed and connected to the appropriate drainage point then surrounded in clean ¾” gravel
  • Soil is backfilled and compacted to prevent future settlement
  • All debris is removed from the site
  • Any finished surface material is re-installed, such as concrete, asphalt, interlocking stone etc.

Why You Need Basement Waterproofing

If there is a crack in your foundation and water is allowed to enter your basement, even if there is no visible water damage, it creates the ideal conditions for mould growth. This is detrimental to your health as it can lead to illness and is an irritant for those with a respiratory disorder such as asthma. Mould growth is identified by black marks on the wall called spores.

However, the biggest threat to a home is a flooded basement, which can cause thousands in repairs and replacing your furniture and valuables. The restoration of the basement in itself is substantial since any water damage to drywall, insulation and so on could compromise the structural integrity of the home.

Also, homeowners that do not have existing basement waterproofing may have a difficult time selling their home as prospective buyers often shy away because it’s a liability. That’s why real estate agents inspect for spots of water damage and mould because if your home leaked last spring, it will most likely leak again.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

Interior basement waterproofing is the cost-effective solution and recommended for those with an unfinished basement. It is also an option for homes without sufficient access to the exterior wall for excavation with heavy machinery.

This basement waterproofing process works by breaking the concrete floor along the perimeter of the home’s foundation. Concrete is then removed and a trench is dug out to accommodate a weeping tile with a filter screening that is connected to a discharge source such as a sump pump. Next, is installing a Delta MS drainage membrane on the interior of the basement wall up to grade level. Once the waterproofing solution has been installed, we add a new layer of concrete over the trench along with a trowel finish that matches the existing cement floor.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing can save you thousands in expensive foundation repairs and rebuilds. This method is the most effective long-term basement waterproofing solution and backed by our lifetime warranty. Exterior waterproofing will also add value to your home as it’s guaranteed not to be a liability for the new homeowner.

Exterior basement waterproofing works by excavating the soil surrounding the perimeter of your home’s foundation in order to install a rubber Bituthene membrane directly on the foundation along with a 4” weeping tile at its base with gravel filled in over top. Lastly, we refill the soil and is compacted in 12” lifts so it returns to its original level.

Commercial Waterproofing

Commercial buildings of all sizes are subject to the same threat of flooding as residential homes. However, commercial buildings require more technical expertise due to special consideration which are:

  • Maintaining business operations without interruption
  • Obtaining City right of way and lane/road closure permits, occupancy permits, curb cut permits
  • Site safety and hoarding
  • Service locates
  • Vacuum truck excavating around vital service lines
  • Removal and replacement of existing finish surfaces such as concrete, interlock, asphalt
  • Expeditious service to complete the job in timely manner

City Wide Group has the knowledge and expertise commercial buildings to customize the best waterproofing solution for your business. Our waterproofing solutions are ideal for malls/plazas, medical institutions, historic buildings such as banks and churches as well as boutique retail stores.

Foundation Cracks

Cracks in your foundation pose a serious flood risk. These cracks usually occur during the curing process in pouring the foundation and are most common in newer homes. These homes also follow the faulty Quebec Building Code (QBC) standard, which only requires a simple tar coating and dimple membrane – it’s simply not enough. This is because once the tar dries up not long after it has first been applied, water can then seep in through new or existing cracks in the foundation. City Wide Group takes the optimal approach through exterior basement waterproofing with not one, but two Bituthene membrane which guarantees a dry basement for life.

Is Basement Waterproofing Worth the Cost?

Absolutely. Although waterproofing may seem expensive, it ensures there are no unexpected (and more expensive) costs in the future in the form of repairs and restoration. Basement waterproofing will also pay off in the long run by adding more value to your home by ensuring the new homeowner does not have to deal with a flood.