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Family-owned and operated, we’ve been in the foundation repair business since 1961, ensuring Torontonians and GTA residents can get their foundations repaired on time, on budget, and with total transparency every step of the way.  Our team of experts has experience with both residential and commercial properties, addressing a wide range of foundation problems with precision and care.

What Causes Foundation Problems?
Foundation issues can originate from a variety of sources:

  • Soil and Environmental Factors: Improper soil compaction and inclement weather conditions can cause the soil to shift, leading to foundational instability, requiring base foundation repair
  • Water-Related Issues: Improper drainage and plumbing leaks can erode or shift the soil, damaging the foundations
  • Tree Roots: Roots growing too close to the building can alter the soil moisture balance, affecting foundation stability

Leaky Foundation Repair
A leak in the basement can necessitate a leaky foundation repair – otherwise your building may be at risk of further structural damage. A leaky foundation repair (or basement leak repair) can help you avoid more extensive damage.

Recognizing Foundation Problems:
Key signs of foundation issues include:

  • Exterior Indicators: Visible cracks in walls, floors, or bricks, wall rotation, and gaps around structures are signs that you have a potential foundation problem or problems
  • Interior Symptoms: Uneven floors, issues with doors and windows, bowed walls, and cracked sheetrock are often signs of foundation distress

City Wide Group’s Foundation Repair Solutions
Considering the wide variety of foundation repair Toronto needs, we offer basement foundation repair services that can address any issues you may have with your building – residential or commercial.
Underpinning: Enhancing foundation depth and stability, adding value and space to your property.
Helical and Push Piers: Extending the foundation into stable soil for long-term stability.
Slab Piers: Stabilizing and lifting sunken concrete slab foundations.
Concrete Piering: Providing foundational support and leveling with concrete cylinders.
Carbon Fiber Reinforcement: Strengthening and stabilizing cracking or bowing foundation walls.
Mudjacking: Raising and levelling sunken slabs for a uniform foundation.
Root Barriers: Preventing future damage from tree roots.

What Makes City Wide Group’s Foundation Contractors a Leader in Basement Foundation Repair
At City Wide Group, our foundation contractors have decades of experience helping Toronto and GTA residents repair their homes – we feel comfortable saying that, frankly, no company in Toronto knows more about repairing foundations than us.

We set ourselves apart by always customizing our solutions to your property – you’ll never get a one-size-fits-all job that doesn’t fix every foundation issue on your property.

We’re so certain you’ll be happy with our job that we offer a variety of warranties on our foundation repairs in Toronto, so you can get peace of mind that the job is going to be done right the first time.

Combined with our affordable prices and clear, accurate quotes, you know you can trust the elite technicians at City Wide. We are a foundation repair and waterproofing company whose history of success and stellar reputation speaks for itself.

Foundation issues can compromise the safety and value of your property. The experts at City Wide Group are here to help with comprehensive and effective foundation repair services in Toronto. Enhance the longevity and stability of your home or commercial building with our proven solutions. Contact us today for a free estimate and protect your property today!

Basement Leak Repair Toronto FAQ

Foundation repair demands a high level of expertise and precision, which is why it’s often best handled by seasoned foundation contractors like the team at City Wide Group. Should you want to try it on your own, here are the foundation repair steps:


  • Evaluate the Damage: Conduct a detailed inspection of your foundation to pinpoint the severity and source of the issues. Look out for signs like cracks, shifting walls, or uneven flooring.
  • Prepare with the Right Tools: The specific repair required dictates the tools and materials needed, which could range from a jackhammer to a concrete mix, reinforcing materials, and waterproofing solutions.
  • Manage Water Drainage: Proper drainage is crucial to prevent further foundation damage. This might include fixing or setting up gutters, downspouts, and French drains.
  • Seal Minor Cracks: Small cracks can be effectively sealed with top-grade epoxy or polyurethane fillers. It’s important to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer during application.
  • Stabilize the Foundation Walls: For more serious issues, it’s advisable to seek advice from a structural engineer. They can suggest the best methods for stabilizing the foundation walls, like the installation of helical piers or carbon fibre reinforcements.

Here are some best practices for maintaining your foundation in top form: 

  • Regular Inspections: Keep an eye out for any signs of damage, such as cracks, shifts, or settling in the foundation. Noticeable changes in the structure, like sticking doors or windows or cracks in interior walls, should not be ignored.
  • Proper Drainage Maintenance: The ground around your foundation should slope away from your home. This, along with clean and well-maintained gutters and downspouts, helps prevent water accumulation near the foundation.
  • Moisture Level Management: Maintain consistent soil moisture around your foundation. Avoid over-watering, which can cause soil expansion, and prevent the soil from becoming too dry, which leads to contraction.
  • Vegetation Management: Keep trees and shrubs planted at a safe distance from the foundation to avoid root damage. Regularly trim any overgrown vegetation to prevent moisture retention and potential harm.
  • Prompt Plumbing Repairs: Address any plumbing leaks or broken pipes quickly to prevent water from seeping into the foundation. Regular checks for water leaks and immediate repairs are crucial.
  • Grading Maintenance: Over time, soil erosion or settling may affect the slope around your foundation. Ensure that proper grading is maintained for effective drainage.
  • Professional Inspections: Periodic expert inspections by foundation repair professionals like City Wide Group can help assess the foundation’s condition and guide maintenance or repair needs.
  • Effective Drainage Systems: Install and maintain proper drainage systems, including gutters and downspouts, to channel water away from the foundation.
  • Soil Moisture Management: Regularly monitor the soil moisture levels around your foundation to prevent excessive drying or saturation.
  • Controlled Vegetation Growth: Plant trees and shrubs at a safe distance from the foundation and manage their growth to prevent root-related pressure or displacement.
  • Routine Foundation Checks: Regularly inspect your foundation for early signs of damage, allowing for timely intervention and repair.
  • Adherence to Proper Construction Practices: For new constructions, ensure that the foundation is designed and reinforced correctly to prevent future issues.

The cost of foundation repair in Toronto can range from $1,500 to $12,000, with an average cost per linear foot between $1,550 and $3,150. However, these costs can vary based on the severity of the damage, such as the width and depth of foundation cracks. Early detection and repair are key to preventing escalating costs associated with more severe damage. City Wide Group offers transparent pricing and thorough assessments to provide you with an accurate quote for your foundation repair needs.

The duration of the job depends on the severity of the damage and the size of the property. Minor repairs might take a few days, while more extensive underpinning or structural repairs could take longer. City Wide Group aims for efficient and effective service with minimal disruption.

Unfortunately, yes. Untreated foundation issues can significantly decrease the value of your property. Addressing these problems promptly with professional repairs can help maintain or even increase your home’s value. Not to mention that untreated foundational issues can cause damage to other parts of your home or business property.

Contact us directly by phone at 416-283-5500 to schedule a comprehensive foundation inspection, or fill out our online form for a free estimate. Our team will get in touch shortly.

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The City Wide Group prides itself on superior quality, adhering to the philosophy of doing things correctly from the outset and striving for unmatched customer contentment. Our assurance in our craftsmanship and wealth of experience makes us the only company in Toronto & the GTA to offer a real LIFETIME WARRANTY. Opt for The City Wide Group for foundation waterproofing, and we promise your treated area will remain free from water or moisture entry for as long as your house stands. Our services come with a warranty certificate that is transferable to endless future homeowners.

  • Before any digging gets underway, The City Wide Group ensures all utility services are informed and the dig site is clearly marked.

  • We first reveal the foundation’s walls and base, giving them a good clean to guarantee that the new concrete will bond well.

  • To deal with any cracks or openings in the foundation, we fill them with a specific type of cement before applying a fresh concrete layer over the entire area.

  • We then secure the foundation with a RUBBER BITUTHANE MEMBRANE for waterproofing, covering both the wall and its base.

  • Additionally, we attach a DELTA MS plastic mat along the foundation wall down to the base, aiding in water drainage.

  • New weeping tiles are installed to divert water from the foundation, surrounded by clean ¾” gravel to ensure proper drainage.

  • The dug-out soil is then replaced and compacted firmly to avoid any future ground movement.

  • After the work is finished, we thoroughly clean the site of any construction debris.

  • To wrap up, we repair and reinstate any outdoor spaces and landscaping that were affected by our work.




Whether you have an actual water leak or evidence of water seeping through the walls, contact City Wide Group for a free estimate about how to waterproofing your basement.

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