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Man working on a clogged drainWhether the problem originates from a sewer pipe, main drain, sink and sewer obstructions require immediate repair and clean up by trained professionals like the crews from the City Wide Group. 

We are prepared and armed with the advanced technology to promptly and effectively correct your emergency blocked and backed up drain and sewer contamination problems. 

The City Wide Group can quickly identify the location of the problem. Generally, if all or many of your neighbours have the same complaint, it’s a problem in the civic system. If the sewage backs up through a single sink, toilet, or other drain, the cause is somewhere in your sewage line and you’ll benefit by phoning the City Wide Group to help. Some homeowners may decide to isolate their home from the city system by installing a back-water valve on the sanitary sewage and/or stormwater connection.

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Sewer Drain Problems 

Sewer drain blocked with rootsIf you hear the ominous glugging sound, smell odor from a toilet or drain or see disposed items returning when you unplug or flush, you likely have a drain blockage somewhere in your wastewater system. Typical drain blockages we see are caused by flushable paper products like tampons, cat litter, oil and grease and tree roots or combinations. They frequently appear outside your home as the cooler temperatures solidify grease and that’s also where the trees are. A final common source can be old, rusted or broken pipes.

Exterior Plumbing Line Solutions

Two lateral plumbing connections tie your house to the public system, your waterline and your sewage line. In both cases, problems may arise that require expertise to diagnose the issue, propose and complete a solution. Low water pressure, for example, may encourage you to replace and upgrade the waterline. A blocked or broken sewer pipe may equally force excavation and replacement. Don't Wait - this is a serious problem. Use our Free Estimate form above to contact us or call 416-283-5500

Blocked main drain and sewer obstructions

One of the most disgusting emergencies homeowners face is a blocked drain or sewer obstruction and backup into the house. Backed up, tainted water from an obstructed pipeline can appear through a kitchen or bathroom sink drain, toilet overflowing or geysering up through the basement’s main floor drain.

Whether the problem originates from a drain line or a sewer pipe, the water is not clean and can carry unhealthy effluent and bacteria. Main drain, sink and sewer obstructions require immediate repair and clean up by trained professionals. We are prepared and armed with the advanced technology to promptly and effectively correct your emergency blocked and backed up drain and sewer contamination problems.

Blocked drains and sewers originate generally from a material or materials building up and creating a block in the drain or from a problem with the drain or sewer pipe itself. Common sources of a blocked drain are grease, paper products, and food debris. These can build up over time to create a blockage in the drain or, if they are large enough, inhibit waste flow rapidly. Obstructions to the regular flow of waste water also occur from drain pipe failure, breakages from tree roots, or even age deterioration. The City Wide Group is the diagnosis expert when it comes to identifying the source of your main drain and sewer obstructions. Once pinpointed, we readily make the main drain or sewer repair and clean up.

Diagnosis and Repair 

City Wide Group uses the most advanced technology of video inspection to efficiently and non-destructively inspect the pipeline and identify the source(s) of the blockage. If damage is found in a few locations, excavation and repair may be the only suitable solution.

Video Camera Inspection of Clogged Pipes

Drain inspection processTechnological developments and miniaturization of equipment altered our ability to identify and repair clogged or blocked drain and sewer pipelines. Using a video drain camera, we have an effective, clean and real-time method to inspect your obstructed drain line, identify the nature of the drain or sewer situation and determine the best possible repair to restore the proper outflow of household waste water.

Advantages of In-line Video Camera Inspection for Drain Obstructions

Clear and accurate inspection of the interior length of your drain pipes is achieved when a skilled technician from the City Wide Group employs the video technology of an in-line drain camera. Thus, we can see in real-time the location and nature of the pipe obstruction or sewer block. The drain camera visuals improve and confirm knowledge that cannot be gained by rootering or snaking alone and facilitate the correction of the blockage problem. With this video camera inspection, we can see interfering obstructions like tree roots, broken tiles, failed connections, collapsed and sagging pipes, cracks in drain lines, inline traps or grease and sludge build-ups. Then we can determine and complete the best, most economical drain or sewer repair.

Preventive Drain Camera Inspections

Even if your drains and sewers are not impeded at this time, a video camera inspection is useful as a preventive measure. If you have just bought your home, live in an older home or plan to renovate, especially in the basement, this in-line pipe inspection technology can help you identify potential or developing problems in your drain and sewer lines. Inspection can also identify any variations from the norm within your sewer and drain configuration. Early detection and immediate, proactive action may well prevent an emergency drain and sewer back-up, saving you stress, time and money.

Whenever video drain inspection equipment and technique is required, the City Wide Group is your best contractor to identify, repair or replace, if necessary, all types of drain blockages. A cleared, free-flowing drain is our promise to you. Call us 24/7 for rapid response to any and all blocked drain and sewer emergencies or for preventive inspections.

Clearing Blocked Drains by Rootering, Snaking, Augering

Drain Cleaning equipmentRootering using a drain snake is a common method for removing drain blocks and cleaning drain lines. The plumbing equipment, known variously as a rooter, plumbing snake, drain snake, or drain auger, is electric and essentially a lengthening flexible metal cable armed with changeable metal bits that can be deployed to clear and clean out clogs and blocks in the drain or sewer pipes. The rootering electric drain snake is fed into a blocked drain to the source of the obstruction where the rotating bit head can attack and clear the clog. Our plumbers are fully trained and equipped with the most effective drain snakes for all drain and blockage types and for residential and commercial applications.

Safety Considerations for Clogged Drain Repair

Safety is a fundamental concern when it comes to drain repair by electric rootering, snaking, augering and so on. The work is not the emergency to be fixed by a do-it-yourselfer armed with a manual snake. The snaking equipment needed changes depending on the drain type be it sink, toilet, main or sewer drain. The selection of correct equipment for use to clear the blocked drain is essential and we provide a full range of high powered plumbing augers of various residential and commercial types. As electricity and water are both involved, our crew has extensive safety training, experience and certification for any situation they may encounter.

Health Concerns and Drain Blocks

In all blocked drains, waste water is involved and environmental contamination as well as general mess has to be taken into account. Correct, professional procedures in the use of snaking or rootering equipment are fundamental to minimizing health concerns. City Wide Group takes your family and household health and sanitation seriously and ensures all necessary materials and methods to contain effluent, clean up and sanitize your home.

Clearing Clogged Sink, Tub, Shower and Toilet Drains

Water runing down a sink drainWe clear plugged kitchen, laundry and bathroom drains daily with prompt service, modern technology and equipment and professional, efficient, trained plumbers. We will remedy your unpleasant emergency situation without adding to your stress or breaking your budget.

Plumbing experts understand the causes of blockages in sink, tub, shower and toilet drains and how to repair or renovate clogged drain lines to leave you with a free flowing drains and an immaculately clean environment.

Sources of Household Drain Blockages

All non-functioning or slow moving drains are caused primarily by a clog or blockage stopping the outward flow of water in the way it was designed.

Commonly in kitchens, backups result from food scraps and grease poured or exiting with draining water down the drain. In-pipe buildups occur and these get more and more obstructive over time. Even when hot water may dissolve and move grease along the pipes, it will eventually cool and solidify, beginning the clogging process.

Bathroom drains in sinks, showers, tubs and toilets also back up due to obstructions- generally from hair, cosmetic products and paper products. Where waste water from the toilet is involved it is fundamental to act promptly so that contamination is minimized and a fully functioning toilet is restored to the home.

Clearing All Types of Drains

Whatever equipment or technique is required, we are your best contractor to repair or replace, if necessary, all types of drain blockages. A cleared, free flowing drain is our promise to you.

Pipe Replacement: "No Dig" Trenchless Technologies and Excavation 

We are dedicated to correcting your problem with a blocked or clogged drain or sewer pipe in the most economical, most efficient, and least disruptive manner possible while still achieving the goal of a perfectly functioning, free flowing household drain and sewer service. Having assessed the situation through experience and/or video camera inspection, we use the best method(s) to make the repair or in some cases replacement of the obstructed drain system.

“No Dig” Trenchless Technologies

Assessment of your property, home construction and the nature of your obstruction sometimes allows us to repair or replace drains without digging trenches. We have experience with pipe interior, Hydro-Jet technology. “No Dig” technology, bursting the pipe from the interior, can also make a permanent improvement without the mess, disruption and time involved in excavation. When “No Dig” technologies cannot be employed, we have the experience and equipment to excavate for pipe replacement.

Precise Excavation for Drain Pipe Replacement

It may be the case that the drainage system situation at your home is such as to require entire drain pipe replacement through excavation to achieve the functioning waste removal you need. We perform precise excavations and drain pipe replacements with professionalism, economy, sanitation, safety and time considerations. Some project types include:

  • Replacement of exterior drain lines.
  • Trap and breather replacement.
  • Removal of old clay or other drains and replacement.

Whenever no dig or excavation equipment and technique is required, we are the best contractor to identify, repair or replace, if necessary, all types of drain blockages. A cleared, free-flowing drain is our promise to you. 

Grants Subsidies and Rebates Plumbing Drain and Sewer repairs and renovations

Grants Subsidies and RebatesDifferent cities and municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area have varying grants, subsidies and rebates for some household plumbing, drain and sewer repairs and renovations. Several are outlined briefly below. Please bear in mind that many of these monetary compensations have qualifications and limitations and some are time sensitive. Consult your local jurisdiction’s regulations and the City Wide Group for assistance.

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy

City of Toronto funds and administers a subsidy that can help you minimize the expense of installation of specified flood protection devices. The devices that are eligible for this subsidy are: back-water valve, sump pump, and pipe severance and capping. The maximum amount of financial help offered by the city is 80% of the invoiced cost up to $1250 including eligible labour, materials, permits and taxes. To be eligible the work must be done by a city licensed plumber such the City Wide Group and the application needs to be sent no later than a year after the invoice.

Toilet Rebates

A number of jurisdictions in our service area of Toronto and the GTA offer rebates for the replacement of older toilets with new, low flush eco-friendly, water reducing ones. Some examples are Vaughan and Peel Regions ($60-75) for selected units or Halton ($ 75). Check your local authority.

Other Grants and Rebates

There are additionally grants and rebates relating to hot water and solar installations. Subsidies and grants offered by your city are constantly changing and new ones may be developed, so stay informed about updated information or with any questions.

More Grants Subsidies and Rebates

Call the City Wide Group 24/7 for rapid response to any and all blocked drain and sewer emergencies.