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You may not have to move to get that extra space you need Bricks and mortar buildings are the home for a variety of business needs. You can be operating a retail business, factory, plant, medical or service facility or rental and condominium residential property. There are a number of reasons why your commercial business building may need underpinning. You may have found that the age of the building

Everyone looks forward to a warm spell in January to break the winter weather. While the thaw may be welcome, it can also be the cause of water problems in your basement. You can take steps to minimize those problems by taking a few preventative measures. Don’t let snow pile up around the base of your home. Snow and ice can cause cracks on the masonry of the foundation. When snow melts in the January

You have found water or evidence of water in your basement and started looking at contractors who can waterproof the foundation. There are many out there but you need to hire the company that will not only take care of the walls and floors of your basement, but also treat your property like their own. What’s involved Exterior waterproofing involves digging a trench around the perimeter of your property

Canadian winters can be unpredictable, but you can be sure of one thing – you need to protect your property from the impact that snow and ice can have on your foundation. The pressure from ice building up in the soil around your home’s perimeter can the foundation’s walls to crack. Any water from melt-off can freeze when the temperatures drop again and cause any cracks in the masonry to get larger

There are many types of commercial buildings including apartment buildings both rental and condominium, institutions such as hospitals, retirement homes, malls, plazas, banks, factories, warehouses; the list can go on and on. The one thing they share is the risk of water damage if the foundation of the building is not properly waterproofed. Water is a life source but it can also slowly erode the masonry

Just as there are a myriad of styles of commercial properties from stand-alone businesses, strip malls, high rises, there are many purposes those buildings can be put from private enterprises, rental units, residential or business condominium or medical services. The entrepreneur has lots of choices including whether to own or rent, build new or take over an existing property. Commercial property owners

Water, water everywhere So, you’ve found evidence of water damage in your basement. Now what? You need to protect your home’s foundation which is the basis for comfortable living. Whether a little water or a lot, you need to take steps to stop it from creating havoc. You may hope it’s a one-off but once you have had water in your basement, you are likely to have it again. You need to identify where

As Benjamin Franklin said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to your basement, it may be worth a lot more! You never want to find that water or excessive moisture has started to wreck your basement. Your foundation is supposed to be the solid base on which your home is set. It also serves as extra storage space, entertainment or living space, along with storing the basic

City Wide Group is a company specializing in residential and commercial basement waterproofing, underpinning, and drainage repairs in the Toronto (Greater Toronto Area) and in Hamilton, Niagara, Welland (the Niagara Peninsula). Family owned and operated, the company continues to grow under the leadership of Harry Cavan and his son, Chris. They are proud of the work they do and have plans to expand

The Consumer Choice Award is the premier prize for businesses doing work in the home construction business. It represents a thorough analysis of what other consumers have said about the business and its employees. When a homeowner is researching potential companies to work on projects in their home, they often turn to friends and neighbours to talk about their experiences. When they want to widen