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York, within the City of Toronto, is bounded by the Humber River on the East, northwest of Old Toronto, southwest of North York and east of Etobicoke.  Originally settled to be near the mouth of the Don River which flows into Toronto Harbour.  As part of the Greater Toronto Area, York experiences similar weather to the rest of Toronto — hot summers and cool winters, lots of rain, and an early spring.  

Homeowners in York need to pay attention to the amount of precipitation especially in years when there is a quick spring melt-off.  Older homes are unlikely to have fully dry basements and include crawl spaces. Basements in newer homes should be inspected carefully for any faults or cracks. Water will find a way into a crack and help it grow. Water and moisture can run havoc in a new or old home.

When you live in an area such as York, with easy access to rivers and lakes, a high water table and compact housing, you need to have your home’s basement inspected for potential water problems. It’s best not to wait until you find a puddle on the basement floor! Professional basement waterproofers, like the City Wide Group, can conduct a thorough inspection, recommend steps you should take to protect your home, and when they have finished their waterproofing project present you with a fully transferable lifetime warranty.  They are backed by 23 consecutive Consumer Choice Awards to demonstrate their strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

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