Thorold Waterproofing and Underpinning


Thorold is located on the Niagara Region with the Welland Canal passing through the city. One of the oldest communities to be settled on the peninsula, it was home to several early manufacturers but now boasts recreational activities as a main attraction. There are a number attractions for outdoor activites.

Due to its location within the micro-climate humidity of the area, Thorold residents experience moderate swings in temperatures in winter and summer. Winter can mean heavy lake-effect snow storms but also sudden thaws. Summer weather is warm with temperatures moderated by the proximity of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Homeowners have to keep an eye on keeping the water in its place and out of the basement in an area known for its heavy clay soils.

Making sure their homes are protected from water damage, Thorold homeowners are encouraged to take preventative measures through professional basement waterproofing. The City Wide Group has been providing that kind of high-level protection to homeowners in the region for more than 50 years. Their experienced technicians are familiar with the area and knowledgeable about the latest advances in basement waterproofing technologies. They will inspect your home for any problems, recommend measures to be taken and when they have finished your waterproofing project, provide you with a lifetime, fully-transferable warranty. 23 years of consecutive Consumer Choice Awards can assure you of their emphasis on customer-satisfaction.

Serving the neighbourhoods of:

  • Allanburg
  • Beaverdams
  • Port Robinson
  • St. Johns
  • Thorold South
  • Turner's Corners

Customer Recommendations

Foundation Waterproofing Repair Ken Martin from Thorold

I would say City Wide Group has to be the best waterproofing company going. I have used a couple other, so called reputable companies in the past to work on another property of mine, and the quality of not only workmanship, but the level of professionalism does not compare. I found City Wide Group through a referal from a co-worker, and they were also satisfied. They provided me a lifetime warranty with the work, and I feel comfortable putting my trust in this company, in the event I were to have any warranty related issues in the future. I strongly recommend city wide group to people looking for a waterproofing company.

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