Video Camera Inspection of Clogged Pipes

Drains Video

Technological developments and miniaturization of equipment altered our ability to identify and repair clogged or blocked drain and sewer pipelines. Using a video drain camera, the City Wide Group has an effective, clean and real-time method to inspect your obstructed drain line, identify the nature of the drain or sewer situation and determine the best possible repair to restore the proper outflow of household waste water.

Advantages of In-line Video Camera Inspection for Drain Obstructions

Clear and accurate inspection of the interior length of your drain pipes is achieved when a skilled technician from the City Wide Group employs the video technology of an in-line drain camera. Thus, we can see in real-time the location and nature of the pipe obstruction or sewer block. The drain camera visuals improve and confirm knowledge that cannot be gained by rootering or snaking alone and facilitate the correction of the blockage problem. With this video camera inspection, we can see interfering obstructions like tree roots, broken tiles, failed connections, collapsed and sagging pipes, cracks in drain lines, inline traps or grease and sludge build-ups. Then the City Wide Group can determine and complete the best, most economical drain or sewer repair.

Preventive Drain Camera Inspections

Even if your drains and sewers are not impeded at this time, a video camera inspection by the City Wide Group is useful as a preventive measure. If you have just bought your home, live in an older home or plan to renovate, especially in the basement, this in-line pipe inspection technology can help you identify potential or developing problems in your drain and sewer lines. Inspection can also identify any variations from the norm within your sewer and drain configuration. Early detection and immediate, proactive action may well prevent an emergency drain and sewer back-up, saving you stress, time and money.

Act Today!

Whenever video drain inspection equipment and technique is required, the City Wide Group is your best contractor to identify, repair or replace, if necessary, all types of drain blockages. A cleared, free-flowing drain is our promise to you. Call the City Wide Group 24/7 for rapid response to any and all blocked drain and sewer emergencies or for preventive inspections.