Sewer Drain Problems and Why City Wide Group

Drain Cleaning

Sewer Drain Problems

If you hear the ominous glugging sound, smell odor from a toilet or drain or see disposed items returning when you unplug or flush, you likely have a drain blockage somewhere in your wastewater system. Typical drain blockages the City Wide Group sees are caused by flushable paper products like tampons, cat litter, oil and grease and tree roots or combinations. They frequently appear outside your home as the cooler temperatures solidify grease and that’s also where the trees are. A final common source can be old, rusted or broken pipes.

Exterior Plumbing Line Solutions

Two lateral plumbing connections tie your house to the public system- your waterline and your sewage line. In both cases, problems may arise that require the expertise of the City Wide Group to diagnose the issue, propose and complete a solution. Low water pressure, for example, may encourage you to replace and upgrade the waterline. A blocked or broken sewer pipe may equally force excavation and replacement. Don't Wait - this is a serious problem. Use or Free Estimate form above to contact us or call 416-283-5500