Pipe Replacement: "No Dig" Trenchless Technologies and Excavation

Drain Cleaning

The City Wide Group is dedicated to correcting your problem with a blocked or clogged drain or sewer pipe in the most economical, most efficient, and least disruptive manner possible while still achieving the goal of a perfectly functioning, free flowing household drain and sewer service. Having assessed the situation through experience and/or video camera inspection, the City Wide Group uses the best method(s) to make the repair or in some cases replacement of the obstructed drain system.

“No Dig” Trenchless Technologies

Assessment of your property, home construction and the nature of your obstruction sometimes allows the City Wide Group to repair or replace drains without digging trenches. You can review the City Wide Group experience with pipe interior, Hydro-Jet technology. “No Dig” technology, bursting the pipe from the interior, can also make a permanent improvement without the mess, disruption and time involved in excavation. When “No Dig” technologies cannot be employed, the City Wide Group has the experience and equipment to excavate for pipe replacement.

Precise Excavation for Drain Pipe Replacement

It may be the case that the drainage system situation at your home is such as to require entire drain pipe replacement through excavation to achieve the functioning waste removal you need. The City Wide Group performs precise excavations and drain pipe replacements with professionalism, economy, sanitation, safety and time considerations. Some project types include:

  • Replacement of exterior drain lines.
  • Trap and breather replacement.
  • Removal of old clay or other drains and replacement.

Act Today!

Whenever no dig or excavation equipment and technique is required, the City Wide Group is your best contractor to identify, repair or replace, if necessary, all types of drain blockages. A cleared, free-flowing drain is our promise to you. Call the City Wide Group 24/7 for rapid response to any and all blocked drain and sewer emergencies.