Grants Subsidies and Rebates Plumbing Drain and Sewer repairs and renovations

Drains Rebate

Different cities and municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area have varying grants, subsidies and rebates for some household plumbing, drain and sewer repairs and renovations. Several are outlined briefly below. Please bear in mind that many of these monetary compensations have qualifications and limitations and some are time sensitive. Consult your local jurisdiction’s regulations and the City Wide Group for assistance.

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy

City of Toronto funds and administers a subsidy that can help you minimize the expense of installation of specified flood protection devices. The devices that are eligible for this subsidy are: back-water valve, sump pump, and pipe severance and capping. The maximum amount of financial help offered by the City is 80% of the invoiced cost up to $1250 including eligible labour, materials, permits and taxes. To be eligible the work must be done by a city licensed plumber such the City Wide Group and the application needs to be sent no later than a year after the invoice.

Toilet Rebates

A number of jurisdictions in our service area of Toronto and the GTA offer rebates for the replacement of older toilets with new, low flush eco-friendly, water reducing ones. Some examples are Vaughan and Peel Regions ($60-75) for selected units or Halton ($ 75). Check your local authority.

Other Grants and Rebates

There are additionally grants and rebates relating to hot water and solar installations. Subsidies and grants offered by your City are constantly changing and new ones may be developed, so stay informed about updated information or with any questions.