Clearing Clogged Sink, Tub, Shower and Toilet Drains


The City Wide Group daily clears plugged and clogged kitchen, laundry and bathroom drains with prompt service, modern technology and equipment and professional, efficient, trained plumbers. We will remedy your unpleasant emergency situation without adding to your stress or breaking your budget.

City Wide Group plumbing experts understand the causes of blockages in sink, tub, shower and toilet drains and how to repair or renovate clogged drain lines to leave you with a free flowing drains and an immaculately clean environment.

Sources of Household Drain Blockages

All non-functioning or slow moving drains are caused primarily by a clog or blockage stopping the outward flow of water in the way it was designed.

Commonly in kitchens, backups result from food scraps and grease poured or exiting with draining water down the drain. In-pipe buildups occur and these get more and more obstructive over time. Even when hot water may dissolve and move grease along the pipes, it will eventually cool and solidify, beginning the clogging process.

Bathroom drains in sinks, showers, tubs and toilets also back up due to obstructions- generally from hair, cosmetic products and paper products. Where waste water from the toilet is involved it is fundamental to act promptly so that contamination is minimized and a fully functioning toilet is restored to the home.

City Wide Group Clears All Drain Types

Whatever equipment or technique is required, the City Wide Group is your best contractor to repair or replace, if necessary, all types of drain blockages. A cleared, free-flowing drain is our promise to you. Call the City Wide Group 24/7 for rapid response to any and all blocked drain and sewer emergencies.