Clearing a blocked drain and maintaining pipe health by hydro-jetting

Hydro Jet Blocked Drains

Snaking, augering and rootering are effective and proven methods for disrupting existing clogs in pipe lines. An alternate and often appropriate technology is hydro-jetting . Hydro-jet equipment forces water under high pressure through the blocked or restricted drain lines to completely eliminate interior build-up that is constricting the outflow of waste water.

Sometimes also known as hydro-blasting, hydro-jetting can clear waste deposits that have formed along the length of the drain pipes. These deposits are added to and grow over time and can foster moulds and bacteria growth. Flushing or blasting them away with City Wide Group jetting technology improves household health and safety. You can maintain your drain health with regularly scheduled hydro-blasting by the City Wide Group.

City Wide Group drain experts use this Hydro-Jet technology in three principal ways:

  • To clear a blocked or clogged drain.
  • To flush or wash accumulated constrictions within pipe lengths.
  • To prevent on-going debris build-up through regular proactive maintenance.

As is the case with all plumbing repairs and renovations, it is important to employ accredited and professionally-trained experts like the City Wide Group. This is a certain way to guarantee that your drainage system will not be adversely affected or damaged by the high pressure equipment and method.

Act Today!

Whenever hydro-jetting or blasting equipment and technique is required, the City Wide Group is your best contractor to identify, repair or replace, if necessary, all types of drain blockages. A cleared, free-flowing drain is our promise to you. Call the City Wide Group 24/7 for rapid response to any and all blocked drain and sewer emergencies or for preventive, proactive hydro-blast maintenance.