Clearing a Blocked Drain by Rootering, Snaking, Augering

Cleaning Drains

Rootering using a drain snake is a common method for removing drain blocks and cleaning drain lines. The plumbing equipment, known variously as a rooter, plumbing snake, drain snake, or drain auger, is electric and essentially a lengthening flexible metal cable armed with changeable metal bits that can be deployed to clear and clean out clogs and blocks in the drain or sewer pipes. The rootering electric drain snake is fed into a blocked drain to the source of the obstruction where the rotating bit head can attack and clear the clog. Our City Wide Group plumbers are fully trained and equipped with the most effective drain snakes for all drain and blockage types and for residential and commercial applications.

Safety Considerations for Clogged Drain Repair

Safety is a fundamental concern when it comes to drain repair by electric rootering, snaking, augering and so on. The work is not the emergency to be fixed by a do-it-yourselfer armed with a manual snake. The snaking equipment needed changes depending on the drain type be it sink, toilet, main or sewer drain. The selection of correct equipment for use to clear the blocked drain is essential and the City Wide Group provides a full range of high powered plumbing augers of various residential and commercial types. As electricity and water are both involved, the City Wide Group crew has extensive safety training, experience and certification for any situation they may encounter.

Health Concerns and Drain Blocks

In all blocked drains, waste water is involved and environmental contamination as well as general mess has to be taken into account. Correct, professional procedures in the use of snaking or rootering equipment are fundamental to minimizing health concerns. The City Wide Group takes your family and household health and sanitation seriously and ensures all necessary materials and methods to contain effluent, clean up and sanitize your home.

City Wide Group Clears All Drain Types

Whatever equipment or technique is required, the City Wide Group is your best contractor to repair or replace, if necessary, all types of drain blockages. A cleared, free-flowing drain is our promise to you. Call the City Wide Group 24/7 for rapid response to any and all blocked drain and sewer emergencies