We Care

You have found water or evidence of water in your basement and started looking at contractors who can waterproof the foundation. There are many out there but you need to hire the company that will not only take care of the walls and floors of your basement, but also treat your property like their own.

What’s involved

Exterior waterproofing involves digging a trench around the perimeter of your property right down to the footing of the foundation of your home. That means any landscaping, stonework, steps, or asphalt that is up against your house needs to be removed. Special care is taken with window wells to make sure that water is entering through the sills. Digging equipment, shoring materials, and a place to put all the soil and materials while the work is underway will need to come onto your property.

Once the trench has reached the base, a new weeping tile drainage system is installed and covered with a filter. Modern weeping tiles have sock-like coverings to ensure the water is free flowing as well. The walls of the foundation are cleaned and any cracks filled with a hydraulic cement and the whole surface is covered with a Bituthene membrane to repel water from the walls. Then gravel is laid in the trench to assist with drainage and to help keep debris from getting down to the drainage system.

Then What?

When all the work on the walls is completed, the job is not done! The soil is returned to the trench and graded away from the masonry to provide another protection from water gathering and potentially freezing in winter creating pressure points against your property. Now you have a dry basement but what about the mess that has been left behind — who will return your property to its attractive “before” look?

The company with a team of dedicated, experienced technicians, such as The City Wide Group will take care of all the steps of the process. They have been leaders in the industry for more than 50 years, starting in the Greater Toronto Area and expanding to the Niagara Peninsula and throughout Southern Ontario. There are no short cuts taken with a basement waterproofing job.

Your City Wide Group estimator will come out to your property and conduct a full inspection to determine the source of any water damage. You’ll be given a cost and time estimate you can count on. It will outline all the required work and what you can expect. Many municipalities require building and other permits for this type of work, obtaining these for your waterproofing project. Digging around your home will, of course, impact the utilities; they have experience in dealing with all utility providers and ensuring your service lines are protected. All their technicians have the required qualifications including safety certifications and are covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. In addition the company is fully insured.

Satisfied customers

Another advantage of dealing with City Wide Group is that you have a family-owned company with a commitment to customer service. They care about your property and treat it as though it was their own. They make sure they are using the latest technologies and the newest materials. You will have a dry basement you can count on and your property’s value will be protected too. The City Wide Group employees make sure all the stonework, brickwork, and landscapes are returned to their pre-project appearance. They take satisfaction in knowing that you have peace of mind that your property is in great condition.

The City Wide Group has a sound reputation in the industry and most importantly with its satisfied customer list. Winner of the Consumer Choice Award for 23 consecutive years, they have demonstrated the trust and loyalty of their customers. You can read the reviews through HomeStar and Google Review to see they type of projects and happy home-owners to whom they have provided solid service. Check out their website, you will be impressed.

Best of all, you will receive a Fully Transferable Lifetime Warranty on your project. You will be protected and, if you decide to sell your home in the future, you will have an added selling feature. The next owner will be covered too. City Wide Group has you covered from taking your wet or damp basement to making it a comfortable dry space again and returning the appearance of your property to the kind of place of which you can be proud. They care because you care. You should call them today.