The Toronto Region

The City Of Toronto

Toronto is a huge city covering an area of 630 km2 with Lake Ontario on its southern border. There are a number of rivers and creeks and a vast underground waterway as well. While a densely populated large city, there are also many parks, ravines, and woodlands to provide a great variety to the terrain.

The Greater Toronto Area includes regional municipalities of Halton, Peel, York and Durham and is part of a large ecosystem known as the Greater Toronto Bioregion. The Government of Ontario created a greenbelt in 2005 to preserve natural areas and valuable farmland but there has been significant urban and commercial development into this area just the same.

Toronto Area Weather

Lake Ontario has a major impact on the temperatures enjoyed by residents and visitors to Toronto. It is one of the mildest cities in Canada with long summers and winters. When it snows, it generally melts quickly and even though the nights get cold, there are few frosts. In the summer the city can experience severe thunderstorms but even these are rare events. Like many cities, Toronto has over the past couple of years experienced an upward trend in the average annual temperature. At all times of year, the temperatures can change rapidly which can have an impact on property owners. 

Toronto Homes

There are many varieties of housing in Toronto from high rises and condominiums to row houses and single-family dwellings, small bungalows to large mega homes. You can find almost any style of architecture in the city. Some homes have no basements or small crawl spaces, to full apartments or entertainment centres on their below-ground level. Some homes include underground parking garages as well. Whatever use you decide for your basement, you need to keep it well maintained to protect not only your property but your family too.

Water hazards

Waterproofing TorontoWater is the source of life but can also be a serious challenge to the homeowner when it shows up where it shouldn’t be! The foundation of your property is meant to provide a solid foothold for your home or business. It should be well constructed and stay dry. However, over time any number of situations can occur where your foundation develops problems such as cracks or breaks in the masonry. Weather and the environment are major sources of causes of issues with foundations as are outside forces such as construction or other man-made shifts in the soil around your property. 

Property owners need to become aware of all the maintenance issues with their building. Each season brings its own checklist and in addition to knowing the type of soil and geology of the neighbourhood and keeping an eye on the weather, you can take steps to keep your property in good shape. 

If you find water in your basement or see signs that there has been able to find a way in, you need to remedy it immediately. Not only will water damage anything in the basement area including furnishings, electronics, flooring, wall coverings, it can also leave behind something that is unhealthy for your family. Moisture allows bacteria to grow and can lead to mildew or mold — a particular danger to anyone in your family who is susceptible to respiratory problems. That dank, musty smell in your basement can be another clue that water has been there.

How does the water get in?

Any foundation that hasn’t been waterproofed will eventually crack or shift. Water finds the easiest path to flow and if there is a track, it will find it. Rainfall water or melt-off that is allowed to sit at the base of your foundation has the potential to enter through even a small fissure if there is one. This is especially true if the water has been allowed to freeze and expand that small crack and make it bigger.

A full inspection of your basement to properly diagnose the problem needs to be conducted. All repairs carried out and then a membrane seal applied either to the exterior or interior of your foundation to ensure it stays dry.

So, who to call?

Call CitywideYou need and want only those companies that have lots of experience in handling basement waterproofing. They should be familiar with the area and know what kind of environment and weather your home’s foundation has had to withstand. They need to be experts who use all the latest technologies and they need to come highly recommended by other customers. They need to treat your home like they would their own and come fully bonded and insured. These are the high standards set by City Wide Group.

A family owned company established inToronto more than 50 years ago, City Wide Group is made up of experts in basement waterproofing and underpinning who use the latest technologies in the field. They have been handling waterproofing projects in the Greater Toronto Area since 1961 and are proud of their customer service record. Winner of the Consumer Choice Award for 21 consecutive years, they also hold excellent records with the Better Business Bureau and HomeStars. You can read the testimonials of their satisfied customers on their website. Their employees are insured and have all their safety certifications and treat your property with respect. 

The best demonstration of their confidence that you will be satisfied by a basement waterproofing or underpinning project is their Lifetime fully transferable warranty. You and any future owner of your property have their word that your basement will stay dry. Call for your free estimate today.