A Big Thank You to All our Customers!

Well it’s been quite a year for us at City Wide Group. We would like to thank all our customers in the GTA for making 2016 such a success and are proud to announce that we have won the Consumer Choice Award for the 20th consecutive year for our commitment to excellence in waterproofing and underpinning!

Southern Ontario’s spring downpours and heavy snowfall in the winter doesn’t make our job any easier, but for over 50 years, City Wide Group has been protecting your home, equity and bringing you peace of mind with our expert waterproofing solutions.

Before we head into 2017, we’d like to wish each of the communities we serve a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Thank you from City Wide Group


Heavy snow and rapid thawing come spring are a headache for Hamilton residents. Partly due to the age of the homes, but its geography also makes it a challenge to keep the basement dry. 2016 was no different, but fortunately your customers will never go through a flood again because of the installation of our air-tight membranes.

Congratulations on the announcement of a new French-language high school set to open in 2018; it’s sure to grow the Hamilton metro community by opening new cultural opportunities.


Toronto has had a great year both in music and sports, however most are concerned about the rough winter ahead. The city is situated on a slope so when there is a heavy downpour, so water fills up the Don valley and floods areas close to the waterfront. Toronto homes are prone to flooding because many were built in haste between 1950-1970, when waterproofing standards were not up to par.

We’d like to congratulate Toronto on hosting the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, the Blue Jays making it to the American League Championship, and Drake becoming the first artist to reach 1 billion albumstreams on Apple Music forViews!


Welland, like most Great Lake communities, experience humid summers and blistery winters. Due to the lake effect, Welland receives an average of 97.8 cm of snow every year. This makes the area significantly prone to flooding come spring time so be sure your gutters are clean and check there are no visible cracks on your home’s exterior walls.

Congratulations to the E.S.C. Jean Vanier girls basketball team on winning the OFSAA ‘A’ Provincial Basketball Championship. The Lynx won the final in thrilling fashion up in Timmins, coming from behind against the hometown favourite O’Gorman High School Knights.


Niagara receives 970 millimetres in precipitation which is evenly distributed throughout the year as well as experiencing lake effect snow from nearby lakes Erie and Ontario. We hope you’re prepared for the winter ahead and appreciate all our customers in Niagara Falls, Thorold, St. Catherines, Fort Erie, Lincoln, Grimsby and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Congratulations to Niagara Falls becoming the 8th natural wonder of the world thanks to the city’s strong push with their #Claimthe8th social media campaign!

We’d like to wish you all a Happy Holidays and look forward to helping even more Canadian families in 2017!