Spring Waterproofing

Spring Time Cleanup

The weather forecasters say that spring is on its way and we can look forward to warmer temperatures and all that snow and ice melting away. Along with the rise in the thermometer, you can expect a fair amount of rain in the spring.  While it’s nice to see it clean up the streets and roadways, it can also create some problems for homeowners to have all this rain, melting snow and ice sitting around along with fluctuating temperatures.

If your basement is not waterproofed, your home and its contents are at risk for damage. We all keep things in our basement, it’s a good place to store stuff. Many of us have finished the basement to add living or entertaining spaces to our homes.  Expensive entertainment equipment, exercise machines, complete office systems are often “downstairs”. You risk having all this damaged by water being where it shouldn’t be!

Water finds its way into cracks or spaces in window and door frames. When it gets colder again at night, the water freezes and can make those cracks bigger. So, if you find water in your basement you can often trace it back to some sort of fault in your masonry or gap in the mouldings of your windows or doors. You can also find evidence of water through damp flooring, warped wood finishings, or stains on the walls.  Even if you don’t see it, you can sometimes smell that “musty” basement odour that can be evidence of mildew or mould growth. If you think you have basement water problems, you need to call in the professionals.

Professional basement waterproofers, like City Wide Group, can send an expert to inspect your basement, check for problems with cracks improper drainage systems and make recommendations for the appropriate basement waterproofing project for your situation including a cost estimate to bring your basement back to being a dry space – and to keep it that way. City Wide Group has more than five decades of experience in basement waterproofing and many Consumer Choice Awards to demonstrate their customers’ satisfaction with their work. Their technicians will treat your home like their own. If your basement is leaking or you think it has a water problem, call City Wide Group today.