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Most people living the GTA will remember the flood of July 2013, where thousands of houses experienced flooded basements and power outages. The record breaking rains affected more households than ever making this the most costly natural disaster Ontario has ever seen. The Insurance Bureau of Canada reported a whopping $850 million in property damage. Photo courtesy of Orange-restoration.com Those

Regardless of where you live in the GTA, houses with sump pumps have a reduced risk of basement flooding. The mechanism behind the successful operation of a sump pump involves a sump pit which collects excess water coming from a home’s weeping tile. The rising water in the sump pit starts the sump pump which drains the sump pit through the discharge pipe, taking the water away from your house. Photo

Finishing your basement may have been at the top of your priority list when you originally purchased your house and if this is the year you plan to do it, make sure you do it right the first time to save money and heartache in the future. Exposed foundation tells you the story of the past and the future of your basement. Small foundation cracks may seem harmless, especially if you’ve never experienced

The bitterly cold winter the GTA has endured thus far might be getting you to think far from basement leaks; those only happen in the rainy season right? Wrong. Basement moisture, wall leakage or a flooded basement can occur year round as frozen snow can quickly melt and make its way through foundation cracks right into your basement. Protecting your basement during winter can eliminate the stress

Heavy snow followed by flash thaws – what does it all mean for your house and basement? The periods of melting snow Toronto and surrounding areas have experienced over the past few weeks might seem like a nice break from the back breaking driveway snow shoveling and snow clearing from the car each morning, but with it can also bring problems to your house and basement. Most of the time, people think

With winter officially starting just a few weeks ago, the GTA has already experienced the ravaging effects winter can bring. The ice storm just before Christmas marked the start of a very unseasonable chill that was just the beginning of a series of rare climatic occurrences GTA residents have endured. The night of Christmas Eve, many residents of GTA experienced a phenomenon known as a Frost Quake