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If you are the proud owner of a new build home in the Greater Toronto Area, then your foundation was made using poured concrete. Poured concrete foundations started in the 1970s and remains to this day one of the most common types of foundation. That’s because it’s easily molded into shape. Concrete really is a great building material, but it can crack over time and lead to leak in your basement.

Many newer homes have water leakage in the basement due to cracks in the foundation, so you’re not alone if you’re battling with a wet basement. Toronto is notorious for heavy rainfall and storms, and spring runoff only adds to every homeowner’s nightmare. Warmer weather not only means sunshine is on the way, but potentially a soggy basement. Understanding the science behind wet basements is easy and

Well it’s been quite a year for us at City Wide Group. We would like to thank all our customers in the GTA for making 2016 such a success and are proud to announce that we have won the Consumer Choice Award for the 20th consecutive year for our commitment to excellence in waterproofing and underpinning! Southern Ontario’s spring downpours and heavy snowfall in the winter doesn’t make our job any easier,

The fight against the elements has been a constant battle for homeowners since the dawn of civilization. The history of waterproofing stretches as far back as 13,000 years, and is considered the third oldest trade behind carpentry and masonry. Yet, professional waterproofing contractors are still seeking to innovate. This is because waterproofing our homes is essential to our health and well-being

As Christmas approaches, there will be many families across the GTA stressed out by how they will accommodate so many people in their home. Space is tight, and as much as we adore our loved ones, they can often bring us to our wit’s end. Frankly, none of us want to experience a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Part of holiday cheer is ensuring everyone still has their own personal space. One

For many Canadians, winter is their favourite time of the year because of all the skiing, ice skating and holiday cheer! However, it’s also the worst time of the year for your house. Due to the cold, snow and condensation make your home susceptible to damage. They are not only expensive to repair, but can be a danger to your family. Many waterproofing companies and repair contractors across the GTA

Windsor, Ontario experienced devastating flood damage a month ago (we wrote about the Windsor flood in our previous blog post), leading many Canadians to ask why they are not covered? In Canada, overland flooding is not insured by any private insurer, other than a few available in Alberta. Which is odd, since floods are by far the most expensive natural disaster for both insurers and the federal government.

Windsor, Ontario’s early October “once in a century” flood caught the whole city off-guard. More than 140 mm of rain fell within a 24-hour period, which quickly overwhelmed the drainage systems of the city and its surrounding municipalities. It’s been just under two weeks since the flood devastated homes and businesses, but its victims are still cleaning up. Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens called for a

Your basement can be more than just the foundation of your home. It can also provide you with more space for your family to enjoy. If you want to improve the structural integrity of your house or to make the basement more useable, you might consider underpinning or lowering your basement. Underpinning is conducted primarily to strengthen the structure while lowering the basement increases ceiling

When you are in the process of purchasing a home, your home inspector will look for signs of water damage in the basement. Older homes are susceptible to water problems in the basement especially if they sit below the water table. Wet basements are caused by foundation cracks or the lack of proper water drainage systems, they might be missing a sump pump or sewage back up valve. Your real estate