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Basements are often the final frontier of our homes, we don’t use the space well because it is often dark, below ground, and not finished. However, you can make this area a pleasant place by deciding to renovate or finish your basement. When you do decide to finish the basement of your home you need to do all your homework before you pick up a single tool. There are a number of tasks that need to be

Lots of homeowners, especially first time buyers, like the idea of being able to convert part of their new property into some sort of rental space. The extra income will help pay the mortgage and who doesn’t want that? The logical place to look is the generally unused basement of the home. In new or older homes, the basement is frequently unfinished and will take some work to prepare it for potential

Prudent homeowners have a checklist of fall chores to prepare their home and property for the upcoming winter months when snow and ice can play havoc. Among the checkmarks you want to make on your own list is to keep your basement dry and sound. The elements can be nasty in the winter and you don’t want your home to suffer. While the goal is to keep your foundation from being damaged by the winter

What is condensation? It is water that collects on a cold surface as beads or as a vapour when humid air is in contact with it. When you fill a glass with ice water and take it outside to enjoy in the sunshine, your glass quickly becomes slick with moisture. Your glass isn’t leaking! You have created the conditions for condensation. In your basement, when hot air meets cold walls, you are also creating

All homeowners want to have a comfortable, well maintained home to keep their family comfortable to entertain their friends. This involves keeping up with an appropriate home maintenance schedule that puts you in charge instead of scrambling to get repairs done when something goes wrong. While you may look at other spaces in your home as being more important, you should not overlook the importance

Various cities, municipalities and regions in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario have introduced programs through which homeowners can obtain financial assistance to carry out some household plumbing, drain or sewer repairs, and associated renovations. The overall purpose of the grants, rebates and loan plans are to reduce the costs of meeting overall flood-reduction by-laws and codes. Having

A conscientious homeowner conducts regular inspections of his home including the basement and outer foundation walls. There are all sorts of clues that there is a problem with water or moisture damaging the home’s structural base. There is, of course, the obvious pool of water on the basement floor! There might even be evidence of shifting or cracking in the walls or floor. One clue, however, might

Often it is a dank, musty smell that alerts a homeowner that there is something unhealthy going on in the basement! Moulds are a form of fungus that lives and grows both inside and outside and give off an earthy smell. The moulds that grow in the interior of your home can be a variety of colours ranging from white, green, grey, brown to black. As they represent a serious health risk, steps should

There are few things better in life than buying your own home. There’s a reason why it’s a popular dream to be a home owner. A new house means freedom, space…and liabilities for anything that goes wrong inside your home. Unfortunately, those problems are more common than you think; and with them, all those home-buying joys can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario. One of the biggest headaches is

Your home, no matter its size, has a number of basic components. The most important of these parts is the foundation. Most of the mechanics of your home are imbedded there and it’s the place you store belongings. You may even have comfortable living and entertaining space in this level of your home. Even if you haven’t finished your basement it is important to keep it dry and sound. There are a variety