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As Benjamin Franklin said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to your basement, it may be worth a lot more! You never want to find that water or excessive moisture has started to wreck your basement. Your foundation is supposed to be the solid base on which your home is set. It also serves as extra storage space, entertainment or living space, along with storing the basic

City Wide Group is a company specializing in residential and commercial basement waterproofing, underpinning, and drainage repairs in the Toronto (Greater Toronto Area) and in Hamilton, Niagara, Welland (the Niagara Peninsula). Family owned and operated, the company continues to grow under the leadership of Harry Cavan and his son, Chris. They are proud of the work they do and have plans to expand

The Consumer Choice Award is the premier prize for businesses doing work in the home construction business. It represents a thorough analysis of what other consumers have said about the business and its employees. When a homeowner is researching potential companies to work on projects in their home, they often turn to friends and neighbours to talk about their experiences. When they want to widen

Spring brings relief from the cold and dreary weather, but it also brings along a few challenges for property owners especially if your home is older. Warmer temperatures mean snow melting and the weather forecast calls for lots of rain. Many basements in the Greater Toronto Area cannot handle the extra moisture. So, what do you do when you find the basement has become a wading pool? First of all,

Clearing up Drains Many property owners often take their basic home infrastructure for granted. There is nothing sexy about things like drains or pipes! However, they are just the sort of components that can cause major problems in a home when they stop doing what they are intended to do — keeping your home running well. The main purpose of a home drainage system is to draw unwanted water and liquid

Depending where your home is located and the age of your home, you probably have a sump pit below your foundation. In fact, in places where gravity drainage just isn’t going to work, the Ontario Building Code requires a sump with an automatic pump to be installed. You may also decide to have a pump installed if you find indications that your basement is starting to have water problems after a big storm

Wet Basement Solutions Your senses will tell you if you if you have a problem with water or moisture in your basement. There are some obvious clues that tell you that you need to deal with the issue sooner than later to avoid serious costs. Sight Beyond seeing evident puddles, look around at the basement floor and walls. If your basement is unfinished, you will be able to look at the concrete for cracks

A smart move for homeowners is to waterproof your foundation. Whether you have that done when the home is being built or to an existing home, waterproofing your basement will keep your property on a sound footing and avoid damage to your belongings. Many people use the basement of their home to store treasured items such as photos and other important documents. Your basement also holds all the key

The Toronto Region Toronto is a huge city covering an area of 630 km2 with Lake Ontario on its southern border. There are a number of rivers and creeks and a vast underground waterway as well. While a densely populated large city, there are also many parks, ravines, and woodlands to provide a great variety to the terrain. The Greater Toronto Area includes regional municipalities of Halton, Peel, York

The Niagara Region People who live in the Niagara region enjoy a moderate climate zone. Situated between two of the Great Lakes, Erie and Ontario, the temperatures are ideal for agriculture. The area is renowned for its fruit, especially peaches and grapes. Many vintners are located in this area. The Niagara area is also a popular spot for tourism with the famous Niagara Falls as the major draw. Built