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A smart move for homeowners is to waterproof your foundation. Whether you have that done when the home is being built or to an existing home, waterproofing your basement will keep your property on a sound footing and avoid damage to your belongings. Many people use the basement of their home to store treasured items such as photos and other important documents. Your basement also holds all the key

The Toronto Region Toronto is a huge city covering an area of 630 km2 with Lake Ontario on its southern border. There are a number of rivers and creeks and a vast underground waterway as well. While a densely populated large city, there are also many parks, ravines, and woodlands to provide a great variety to the terrain. The Greater Toronto Area includes regional municipalities of Halton, Peel, York

The Niagara Region People who live in the Niagara region enjoy a moderate climate zone. Situated between two of the Great Lakes, Erie and Ontario, the temperatures are ideal for agriculture. The area is renowned for its fruit, especially peaches and grapes. Many vintners are located in this area. The Niagara area is also a popular spot for tourism with the famous Niagara Falls as the major draw. Built

In order to determine how to repair any foundation cracks or leaks you need to understand what the foundation does for your home. Your house’s foundation sits directly on the ground, adhering it to the soil or rock. There are several different kinds of foundations. A slab-on-grade foundation is shallow and can be built relatively quickly, a home with this kind of foundation does not have a basement.

When you need to have work done on your home or business you want to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Do they have insurance, are their workers covered by WSIB, what do the Better Business Bureau think about them, what do their customers think of them, what is the value of their warranty and are they a bondable contractor? You are entrusting your property to the hands of someone

There has been a lot of media coverage about the number of floods across Canada in the past couple of years. It appears when we read about some of these incidents described as “once in 100 year” floods that the time span has become much shorter. Some experts point to climate change while others say development in flood plain zones or in areas that have traditionally provided a path for water to drain

The basement of your home is truly the foundation of comfortable living. Generally all the important tools of keeping you comfortable can be found there — the heating and cooling systems, the main plumbing and electrical fixtures, cable boxes, and other basic apparatuses that help your house run smoothly. In addition, many people use the basement for storage, laundry facilities, extra living space

As the carol goes, the weather outside is frightful – especially in winter in Toronto. It is cold and the snow comes often. La Nina will be creating conditions for lots of precipitation in much of Eastern Canada this winter. The weather network also reports that the active storm track will see Toronto getting snow often and late into March! However, as we all know, Toronto also experiences frequent

As the owner of commercial property in Toronto, you have to be aware of all the risks to your buildings either for your own business or for those of your tenants. Toronto is a well-developed city with a wide range of aging and newer sewer systems throughout the area. It is situated on land next to a large lake with myriad creeks, rivers and underground water systems that are ideal sources of water

Do you ever wonder what it means when you have been told that your home is in an area with a high or low water table? A quick check into the reference books or on-line will tell you what you need to know about water tables and how it can affect your home. In Toronto, there are varying areas of high and low water tables, a variety of underground streams, and an aging sewer system. All of these factors