Interior Commercial Waterproofing

Business Area

Just as there are a myriad of styles of commercial properties from stand-alone businesses, strip malls, high rises, there are many purposes those buildings can be put from private enterprises, rental units, residential or business condominium or medical services. The entrepreneur has lots of choices including whether to own or rent, build new or take over an existing property. Commercial property owners may have one building or manage a large selection of real estate. Along with all these choices, there come responsibilities to maintain the bricks and mortar of their buildings.

Preventative measures

Making sure a commercial property has a water-tight basement is certainly a wise investment. No matter what the building is being used for, no one want to find inventory floating in the basement or expensive equipment damaged by a leaky basement. Water from extreme storms or winter melt-off can find a way into a crack in the basement wall or broken basement flooring. Check your basement for any obvious signs that water is making its way inside. If you can’t see it, you might be able to smell it, water that has been sitting can cause mildew or mold to group. If water has been inside once, it will be back. It can cause interruptions to business resulting in turning customers away. Getting it fixed quickly is important to stop further damage to your business reputation and to maintain good tenant relations.

As a building owner or manager, you should take steps to make sure the basements of your property stay dry. Demonstrating to tenants that they can trust your building’s soundness is important both in the short term and later, when you eventually sell the property. Real estate agents and building inspectors know exactly what to look for before it’s sold or rented. Finding evidence of water damage can be a deal breaker.

Ideally you have the basement waterproofed prior to using or renting it out. However, many businesses are already in place when water is discovered in the basement. Their inventory or equipment is at risk. Now what? You call in the professionals from City Wide Group who have the kind of experience and skill to handle your commercial property basement waterproofing. You can count on them to assess the problem and fix it; the bonus is you will also get a life-time warranty that the basement will stay dry.

An inspection of the property and determining where the water is entering the basement is the first step to restoring it to the dry space it should be. Given that many buildings can be found in downtown core locations, it can be more of a challenge get your building’s basement waterproofed. Access to the space between buildings can be limited, ability to close down the shared alley between neighbouring properties is not possible for fire regulations, or simply, there is no space between your property and the next.

Waterproofing Membrane Installed

Interior waterproofing

When access to the outside of a building is limited or non-existent, the best solution is to conduct an interior waterproofing project. After repairing any cracks where water has found a way into the basement, a trench is dug around the perimeter of the basement, weeping tile is installed and connected to a sump pump or drainage pipe, gravel laid on top of the piping, a drainage membrane is added and cement poured to level the floor.

City Wide Group will obtain all the municipal permits required for the project. They will ensure site safety and hoarding will be constructed to ensure safe operations while they work. They have all the insurance and certifications to guaranty protection during your project. They use a vacuum truck to carefully excavate around your service lines and ensure you get back to business, whatever it is, quickly.

As a family owned business with more than 50 years in the industry, City Wide Group knows how important it is to keep your business operating. Their technicians have the training, experience and knowledge of the most current technology to return your commercial property’s basement to the dry space you need. As a building owner or manager, turn to the company with the proven track record for basement waterproofing — the City Wide Group. Operating in the Greater Toronto Area, Niagara Peninsula and throughout Southwestern Ontario.