Exterior Commercial Waterproofing

There are many types of commercial buildings including apartment buildings both rental and condominium, institutions such as hospitals, retirement homes, malls, plazas, banks, factories, warehouses; the list can go on and on. The one thing they share is the risk of water damage if the foundation of the building is not properly waterproofed.

Water is a life source but it can also slowly erode the masonry of a building. Whether it is excess rainfall, a result of winter melt-off, or a river or creek overflowing its banks, water will find a way into a crack or break in the concrete or cement. At first it may only result in a little moisture but over time the cracks get larger, the concrete crumbles away making the next big storm a catastrophe.

In addition to damaging the integrity of the building, water can ruin anything stored in the lower levels of a building such as valuable inventory, equipment, and personal property. The owner or property manager of a commercial building will need to check regularly for the signs of water beyond any obvious puddles— staining on the walls or floors, warping of flooring or wall coverings, dank smells that are indications that mould or mildew have grown. It is important to maintain a dry foundation for current residents or tenants as well as to convince future buyers of the property that the building is sound.

What’s involved?

Exterior Commercial Waterproofing involves digging around the foundation of the building down to the footings of the building. This involves digging deep trenches around the perimeter of the building, repairing any cracks or voids in the wall by filling them with hydraulic cement before covering the entire wall surface with a layer of concrete parging. Next a weeping tile drainage system is installed, a bithuthene membrane is adhered to the walls of the building and layers of gravel poured into the ditch and covered with a drainage mat, before returning the soil to the ditch. Clearly, commercial waterproofing should be done by a company with a proven track record in the industry such as City Wide Group. A family-owned company with more than 50 years experience in residential basement waterproofing, they expanded to include commercial projects more than 20 years ago. They have dedicated commercial teams who have the experience you want to work on your establishment.

Their services to the commercial market include making sure your business can continue to operate with little or no interruption. City Wide will obtain all the necessary permits required including those for right-of-way, lane and road closures, occupancy and curb cut. They have the experience and knowledge to carry out all the safety measures on the project and build the needed hoarding so your business assets are protected.

Excavating around a large building and needing to dig deep trenches involves removing a lot of soil. City Wide Group employees have the expertise in removing all existing surfaces such as concrete, interlock, and asphalt and importantly, when the waterproofing project is complete, they will return the exterior grounds to their pre-dig condition. They will carefully use vacuum truck excavation around your building’s vital service lines so you can keep working while they do. The use of back hoes, diggers and other heavy equipment also requires certified operators. The City Wide Group has it covered.

Limit hassles

One of the main concerns to a business owner is keeping his operation going without interruption. The owner of an apartment block is not going to be able to prevent access to the building while work is underway to waterproof the lower levels. Retailers are particularly concerned about maintaining easy access to their shops. City Wide Group recognizes all these concerns and provides the experienced crews to get the job done in a timely manner. Should your property be in a block without access to the outer perimeter, you can always discuss interior waterproofing options.

Your business is your livelihood and if there is a water problem, you want to put your building into the hands of experts to get the foundation to the dry space it should be. No matter what kind of commercial operation is in your building, you or your tenants will demand a job done right, the first time and without delays or obstructions to their business premises or living quarters. Remember commercial realtors know the signs of a building with water issues; by protecting your property now you are ensuring its future value too.

City Wide Group will provide a free estimate and work with a building’s project manager, property manager, consultants or engineers to make sure you get the kind of commercial waterproofing project that is best for your building. Go with experience — Call City Wide Group today.