Drying Out A Wet Basement

All homeowners want to have a comfortable, well maintained home to keep their family comfortable to entertain their friends. This involves keeping up with an appropriate home maintenance schedule that puts you in charge instead of scrambling to get repairs done when something goes wrong. While you may look at other spaces in your home as being more important, you should not overlook the importance of the very foundation of your home – the basement.

Lovely Entertainment Room

The basement is not only the basic building component of your home, it is also provides your home potential increased living space from bedrooms or offices to lovely entertainment rooms. It is also often the place you store some of your possessions including irreplaceable items like photos or special mementos. Even if you don’t expand your home into the basement area and you only use it for laundry and storage, it needs to properly maintained. That maintenance should include a checklist of such things as inspecting your downspouts and eavestroughs to make sure they are directing water away from the soil at the base of your foundation. Do you have landscaping that interferes with the drainage of water away from your home? There are proactive steps you can take to keep water out of your basement.

Increased Living Space

Protect Your Basement From Moisture and Water leaks

If you allow your basement to take in moisture, you can be facing a number of long-term problems. Water gets into your basement through some sort of fault in the foundation’s construction. It could be a crack in the masonry, poorly installed window wells, or a drainage problem. Water finds the weakness and finds its way in where it shouldn’t be. Only a little water can go a long way to damaging your fixtures, flooring, possessions stored in the basement, and leaving behind mould or mildew. Mould can be a serious health risk for your family especially if they already have some sort of respiratory health problem. So, you need to keep moisture out of your basement. Having a dry, waterproofed basement also adds resale value to your property.

Cracked Wall

There are some subtle clues that you have a water problem in your basement other than wading through water or finding small puddles on the floor. When you go down the stairs of your basement do you feel the extra humidity’s dampness? Can you smell that dank air that usually indicates there is mould or mildew? When you look at the walls or floor do you see a white, chalky stain that indicates water has leeched through the bricks or masonry and drawn out minerals? Has your flooring lifted or the wallpaper or paint bubbled? Do the door jambs seem a little “off kilter”?

Foundation Leak

Getting your Basement Waterproofed

Of course, the best time to have your basement waterproofed is before you have a problem! However, even if you do find moisture wrecking havoc in your basement, call in the professionals at City Wide Group to assess your basement and recommend the steps to take to give you peace of mind that your home’s foundation is protected from water damage. Their highly experienced technicians will inspect the complete basement and the area around your home’s foundation to identify potential problem spots. Then they will review all the options and written estimate to help you get the work you need done within your budget.

Your City Wide Group representative will go over options such as:

  • Conducting interior or exterior waterproofing;
  • Repairing cracks or fissures;
  • Cleaning mould, mildew or other interior staining;
  • Replacing drains;
    If your property needs an improved weeping tile bed installed or repaired;
  • repairing window wells.

A Dry Basement is a Safe Basement

When the work is done, you will have a dry, comfortable basement where you can expand your living space or continue to confidently use for storage of your family’s belongings. In addition you will receive a fully transferable warranty that can assure future buyers of your home that it is a sound investment.

The City Wide Group is a family owned business that has been waterproofing and underpinning homes in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 50 years. They have won the Consumer Choice Award for 22 straight years. You can depend on them to keep your basement high and dry.