Don't wait for Spring

Snow piled up against Foundation

In a winter with so much fluctuation in temperatures and precipitation, you might be tempted to wait for spring to see if your basement has weathered the winter well. Last year you thought you had a problem but it “went away”. You should remember that the foundation of your home is affected by the changing conditions with water that collects around the base of your home repeatedly freezing and thawing. Cracks in the masonry eventually widen enough to allow the melt-off to flow into your basement. It can be happening behind the finished walls or under the carpeting. It can be seeping into the crawl space. 

Beyond the obvious puddle on the floor, you should be watching for staining on surfaces, peeling wall coverings or warping of wooden door jambs, floorboards etc. You may even smell it before you see it! Standing water in dark areas is an excellent breeding ground for mould and mildew which can be a health risk to you and your family.

Side view after waterproofingMany of us use our basements as extra living space with offices, entertainment areas, laundry facilities, gym equipment, or bedrooms located there. In addition, almost everyone stores belongings in the basement! You probably have precious photographs, documents, books, mementos on shelves or in boxes in your basement. In order to protect your property, you should make sure you have taken steps to waterproof your foundation. Waiting for spring with its extra thawing and rainfall can be a prescription for disastrous damage and heartache. 

Call City Wide Group to come in and check your foundation thoroughly for cracks, fissures or other weaknesses such a leaking window or door frames. Their expert technicians can recommend the steps that need to be taken to protect your home and contents from water damage. They have the most advanced basement waterproofing technologies and more than five decades of experience. On top of that they have excellent customer service record and have won the Consumer Choice Award for 23 straight years. They promise good advice, no surprises on their estimates, quality workmanship and excellent project management. In addition, they treat your home like their own and everything will be done neatly and on time. Don’t wait for spring, call today.