Don’t finish your basement without…

Now with spring in nearly full bloom here in Toronto (ignoring the bouts of plummeting temperatures in recent days/weeks) many homeowners might be considering starting a basement finishing or renovation project this spring or summer. Doing so can be quite costly, depending on what you’re looking to do, but it can also be well worth the investment as it will increase the value of your home and provide your family with additional space, where the possibilities are only limited by your imagination (and budget). The cost of finishing or redoing your basement can quickly sky rocket if you encounter a major hiccup like a basement leak or basement flood down the road; which will always remain a possibility if you don’t take the necessary measures to waterproof your basement prior to finishing it. Failing to proactively waterproof your basement prior to finishing it, is surprisingly more common than you’d expect; don’t fall into that category. Wet drywall, ruined paneling, carpeting and flooring are no fun and a costly loss. Don’t finish your basement without making sure your home is safe from leaking.

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Recognizing the signs and symptoms of basement leaks is really important to help pinpoint the cause and remedy it with the proper basement waterproofing devices and/or waterproofing solutions. Waiting too long could result in a flooded basement which is both financially and emotional devastating. Spotting the signs and addressing them will be the best way to ensure the money you invest into finishing or remodeling your basement won’t be wasted because of major basement flood damage.

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If your basement has cinder block walls, you should carefully inspect it regularly. Noticing a white powdery substance is a sign of efflorescence which comes from minerals in the water that’s coming through your basement wall and/or foundation. Many homeowners ignore this symptom and don’t realize the association with basement water leaks. Simply painting the walls is merely a cosmetic fix, water will still be able to penetrate your walls.

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Another commonly overlooked symptom is that damp, musty, mouldy smell so many people are used to in basements. This smell can eventually permeate the items in your basement like the carpeting and furniture, causing potentially irreversible damage. Hiring a professional basement waterproofing company to carefully inspect your basement and ascertain the best type of basement dehumidification system to implement will be your best defence against further mustiness caused by basement moisture.

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Addressing the problem of a wet basement before it becomes a major inconvenience will help ensure your basement investment will not be a squandered one. Ensure that your basement contractor collaborates with your basement waterproofing company so that you can enjoy the benefits of a brand new finished basement that stays nice and dry. Your basement waterproofing company can help address additional water leakage problems and help you to proactively protect against basement leaks and basement floods.