Commercial Waterproofing

01 Commercial Waterproofing

As the owner of commercial property in Toronto, you have to be aware of all the risks to your buildings either for your own business or for those of your tenants. Toronto is a well-developed city with a wide range of aging and newer sewer systems throughout the area. It is situated on land next to a large lake with myriad creeks, rivers and underground water systems that are ideal sources of water problems for all buildings. In addition, the whole area is subject to warmer temperatures which lead to moisture in the air.

Whether your building is owner-operated or leased, you are responsible for making sure it stays dry. Businesses who use the basement area for inventory storage do not want to find it bobbing around when there is a water leak. Strip malls, plazas, institutions such as medical clinics, hospitals, and retirement homes all need reassurance their equipment is not going to be damaged. If your building contains real estate holdings such as apartments or condominium units, your tenants are likely to have storage units and parking in the basement levels. Older buildings that have been converted to commercial properties are particularly susceptible to problems in their foundations.

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So, what is an owner or building manager to do to protect these assets? You need to take pre-emptive measures. Make sure you have your property checked thoroughly for any signs that water or moisture is making its way into the foundation of your buildings. You don’t have to wait until you see water! Indications of problems include visible cracks, damage to drywall or flooring, door jambs or window wells that are damaged, or the tell-tale odor of mildew or mold. Inspect the outside of your building too, are there areas where water can collect at the base of your foundation? Look at the landscaping for potential problems with roots breaking through the masonry. Is there an overhang that drips and allows water to gather and pool? If you find any of these problems, call in the experts at City Wide Group to correct the situation and provide a waterproofing project that will protect your investment.

If you are having a new building constructed you should try to establish the geographic location’s likelihood to attract water. If it is at the bottom of a hill or slope, you can expect to find water draining down to your building if there is a storm, heavy precipitation, or during spring melt-off. You should be aware of the history of flooding in the area. You should also make sure your building design does not include features that will naturally cause water problems. And, of course, when the building is being constructed, you would be wise to include a basement waterproofing project at the start of building.

If you have a leak occur in your older building, City Wide Group can take on the whole project from ensuring your businesses can continue to operate without interruption. They will obtain all the municipal permits including those for right-of-way and lane or road closure, occupancy and curb cut. Site safety and hoarding will be constructed to ensure safe operations while they work. City Wide Group will use a vacuum truck to excavate around all the vital service lines while they remove and replace the concrete, interlock or asphalt involved in the project. Waterproofing can be conducted either as an interior or exterior project depending on the needs of the particular building and business. Either way, a Bituthene membrane will be used to preserve the integrity of your building’s foundation. You can be assured they will work quickly and get the job done right.

Commercial Waterproofing

Waterproofing your commercial property’s basement is not only good for your operations or tenants, it also has a future value when you want to sell your building. Water damage has a long-lasting legacy; real estate agents and building inspectors know exactly what to look for when determining if a building is a good investment. You can be confident that your building’s foundation will maintain its dry status when you use City Wide Group, the premier commercial waterproofing specialists in the Greater Toronto Area. A family-owned company, they have been operating for more than five decades in the basement and foundation waterproofing business. Their highly trained and professional technicians will provide you with a quote and top-notch advice on waterproofing your commercial building’s basement.